Sharon and Marshall

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how we met – his side

The first time I met Sharon we were at work. I don’t get involved at the work place but couldn’t help but notice how she had a really outgoing personality and she was able to handle herself in a male dominated industry. I was really impressed by the way she carried herself and it didn’t hurt that she was good looking. One co-worker saw me when I was saying hello to her and he said “hey, she’s mine, she’s off limits.” I just looked at him and thought to myself just wait.
As time went on we started hanging out at lunch merely as “friends” and one lunch led to another lunch and before you know it, it was a regular standing lunch date.

Keep in mind all the time we remained very business like while at work. One day, we were about to leave for the weekend and I finally got up the nerve to tell her that I think about you on the weekends. And she just looked at me and I immediately thought, “uh oh, she’s going to turn me in to H.R. for harassment. I asked “is that creepy?” and she said nothing at first. I found out later that she was just thrown off by my statement and kind of froze for a minute. We laugh about it now but I was sweating back then. It’s been great since that day and I can’t imagine a day going by without her being in my life. It’s great when you meet someone and it all clicks. I can honestly say she’s my soulmate. You hear that all the time but I feel like we’ve known each other for years and years.

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how we met – her side

I met Marshall at work… I know, I know “don’t get your honey where you make your money” but let me explain. Marshall was the ultimate co-worker. He came to work, did his job, connected with the workforce when it was necessary and never got involved in office politics. He was a regular guy I saw every day and didn’t think twice about him. We work in a male dominating field so you see one guy you see them all. From time to time Marshall would make small talk and ask me if I had any plans for the weekend which I politely answered “WHY, YOU WRITING A BOOK!” And on Monday’s he would make small talk and ask how my weekend was and I would once again respond, “WHY, YOU WRITING A BOOK!” or tell him none of his business! Both responses delivered a smile or chuckle from him. He has the best disposition. Anyone else would have ran from me but he kept coming back for more punishment. I would later learn my quick wit and brash responses reminded him of his mother and aunts from Jersey. He loved it!

Fast forward two years later on a Friday evening. Everyone was clocking out preparing for the weekend but Marshall kept lingering like he had something to say to me. When everyone had left the area he still didn’t speak so I started to walk away. He followed and touched my arm and said he thinks about me on the weekend. I guess the look on my face was of shock and disbelief. I didn’t even know him like that. He followed up by quickly asking “is that creepy?” Anyone else would have said ‘YES’ and reported him to H.R., but he was so nervous and scared he looked adorable. This would be one of the rare times in our relationship that he can document that I was speechless…For the next 2 ½ years we dated exclusively spending every day together. Marshall is the perfect Alpha Phi Alpha gentleman and my soulmate. I believe I was born to be with that man forever!

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In September of 2015 on a cabin trip in the mountains we decided to have a surprise wedding for our guest and call it an “Engagement Party.” Everything was planned perfectly, but as we got closer to the date, I didn’t have an engagement ring. He gave me a little dinky Promise Ring in 2014 that I loved and wore every day, but it was no engagement ring!

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I was raised that you need both components to be considered engaged. Ring + Wedding Date = Engagement. Seven days before the wedding he pulls this stunt…

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how they asked – his side

Some time ago I got Sharon a promise ring. I did it for a couple of reasons. First was to let her know that I was serious about our relationship and my love for her and also to let the guys know emphatically that she is officially off the market!! But, as time went on in our dating and as we started making definitive plans for a wedding she grew more and more restless without having an official engagement ring. We looked for rings all over, including on a family visit to Los Angeles. Being the woman that she is, she kept changing her mind about the style of ring she wanted to have. As we got down to the time where we scheduled our engagement video I finally took matters into my own hands and made a decision on a ring and went for it. We set up a time with Thomasvision for our video shoot in Atlantic Station in Atlanta. About a week prior to the shoot I asked Thomas if it would be okay if we could take a time out and film me asking Sharon to marry me. I told him I never officially asked with a ring. “Of course,” was his reply, “it’ll be great to show her shock and surprise on film,” he said.

When we arrived at Atlantic Station we headed to the area to get some “shots” of us walking and enjoying the day. I never told Thomas what the queue would be so he was just as unprepared and surprised as Sharon was when I stopped in the middle of the bridge and went to my knee. Luckily, he was able to capture the moment as I asked Sharon to marry me.

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Now in the video she takes off the promise ring and “throws” it into the pond. To this day many people ask if she really threw that ring in the water. I’ll never tell, but I will tell you she was happy and I was extremely happy I was able to pull off the surprise and she said “Yes!” and it ended up being a great day for the both of us. We always try to do something special for one another so I was anxious to see her reaction. I’m a lucky man she said yes and I am totally happy and looking forward to our future together.

how they asked – her side

how they asked? That’s a very good question with a lot of layers. Marshall and I knew we wanted to be married to each other but didn’t know when or how. We both decided during our annual cabin trip to have a Surprise Wedding inviting only our close friends and family. We made the announcement that we would have an “Engagement Party” however, it would really be our “Surprise Wedding.” During the planning stages of the wedding, it clicked to me that Marshall never “officially” proposed. We had a wedding date but I didn’t have an engagement ring.

Shortly after we started dating he gave me a Promise Ring, but surely he didn’t think that was my Engagement Ring! With the wedding right around the corner I knew the proposal would soon come. I anxiously waited for him to plan this elaborate proposal but every time we would go out – NOTHING! We have mutual friends who had recently gotten married and we had friends that were engaged. I spoke about how lovely their rings were and even shared some of their proposal stories. He would listen, but at the end of the day – NOTHING! I explained to him that without a ring AND a wedding date it’s not an engagement! He explained to me that since we were in the middle of purchasing a home he could not buy me a ring but he would make it up to me during the marriage. I was not happy especially with the wedding a couple a weeks away.

We had plans to meet the videographer, ThomasVisionFilms, at Atlantic Station one week before the wedding. Thomas wanted to capture some footage discussing how we met for our wedding video. Little did I know everyone was in on the proposal but me!

That morning, on our way to the video shoot, I reached in the center console of the car to grab a brush. He instantly jumped and asked what I was looking for. Wide eyed I hesitantly said, “A BRUSH, geesh!” He quickly reached in and found me the brush. Little did I know that’s where he had hidden my engagement ring! While walking on the bridge filming, he stopped and dropped to one knee and proposed. To say I was shocked is an understatement! The video captures the moment perfectly…

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