Sharon and Eugene

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How We Met

Sharon loves dogs. The first time we talked was at a football field. There was a random dog tied to the goal post so I pretended like he was mine to get her attention. And it worked! We started talking after that day and went on our first date a few weeks later. Even when we first started dating she would always ask how my dog is doing and couldn’t wait to meet him again. Little did she know, I made up the whole story to get to know her. I still don’t have a dog yet, but we are planning to get a cockapoo as soon as we get married! Needless to say, Sharon is very excited!

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how they asked

I told Sharon that we would get dinner at the first restaurant we had our first dinner date. However, I picked her up late so we were behind schedule. Luckily the restaurant knew that I was planning to propose later that night, so we rushed through dinner in 15 min. Sharon was so confused why we couldn’t enjoy dinner. But she’s always so understanding and down to earth so she didn’t complain much. Afterwards I took her to a Balboa Park and we walked across the Balboa Bridge towards the Organ Pavilion where I asked her to be my girlfriend 1.5 years ago. There was a candle lit path leading to the stage, a marquee “marry me” sign and two chairs and a table. She thought the setup was for someone else and refused to go down the path because she didn’t want to ruin someone else’s proposal. Once I told her it was for her, she started to cry. We walked down the path to the stage where I showed her a slideshow of our 1.5 years together, and proposed shortly after.

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