Sharnelle and Phillip

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Wine Palette(A painting studio)

How We Met

Even though we grew up less than 3 miles away from each other and attended the same middle school, we didn’t meet until after college. Of the hundreds of times that we probably crossed paths while growing up in the same city, we ended up meeting online – on Twitter.

After following eachother on twitter and months of casual twitter replies and retweets, Jamaal decided to send me a private message complimenting me on my profile picture. I responded to his message with a kind “thank you” but didn’t hear from him again for 5 months. After his hiatus, he returned to my inbox with another compliment, we exchanged numbers, met for sushi and the rest is history….

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Wine Palette(A painting studio)


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how they asked

I had been traveling quite a bit in the weeks preceding our engagement so I decided that the next weekend that I was home I would spend it with Jamaal. That Saturday morning we had a late breakfast, caught up on some of our favorite TV shows and took a nap to re-energize for date night that evening. We had planned to try a new restaurant and then go to a sip and paint class.

There was a hurricane in the area and the news was predicting 7-14 inches of rain that evening so I mentioned to Jamaal that it may be safer if we just stay in, he did not agree and when it was time to leave the house for dinner there wasn’t a raindrop in sight. We had dinner at the Krazy Fish in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte and as we were leaving the restaurant I commented on how stuffed I was and that perhaps if I had a wedding dress to fit into that I wouldn’t have eaten so much. Jamaal responded by saying “Do you want your ring now?” He smirked and got into the car and I thought nothing of it.

The restaurant was just a few minutes away from the Wine Palette, where we would be painting a sunset with cherry blossoms. The class went just as they have previously. We chose seats, put on our aprons and listened to our instructor, Jenna, as she showed us the steps to follow to create our paintings. The class was almost over and our paintings were nearly dry so I decided to go to the restroom. While I was in the restroom, Jamaal informed the instructor of what he was about to do, asked her to distract me and painted “Will you marry me?” in white paint on top of his painting.

When I came back from the restroom I sat down in front of my easel and the instructor came over to distract me by telling me how pretty my painting was. A few seconds later Jamaal came over with his painting and sat it on his easel. I saw the words “Will you marry me?” written across his painting and was so shocked that I yelled out “What are you doing!? Are you serious?!” He got down on one knee and presented me with the ring. As I stared at him in shock I didn’t know if I could even speak! I finally said “YES!” Everyone in the painting class let out a loud cheer, he put the ring on my finger and I painted the word “Yes” across my painting.

It was the perfect painted proposal.