Sharnee and Jacob

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How We Met

We were high school best mates, I always had a crush on Sharnee and it wasn’t until we were both single in our early 20’s that I asked her out. We were stoked but everyone else was saying “it’s about time”, apparently all our friends and family knew that we would get together sooner or later. And yeah, the rest is history.

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how they asked

I was wanting to propose to Sharnee for a while but I was saving up for a ring. Sharnee’s mum out of the blue took me aside and told me that if I was to ever propose to Sharnee that there is a ring that they would like me to propose with, it was her grandmother’s engagement ring, a magnificent antique diamond ring that was way better than what I could afford, and apparently Sharnee loved that ring. So I had every boyfriend’s dream with having a ring that my girlfriend would love, that has sentimental value and it didn’t cost me a cent.

Because I now had the ring I thought that the money I had saved for it should be spent on an amazing wedding proposal, one that would stand out from the rest, one that Sharnee would be excited to tell over and over.

She had been planning a business / holiday trip to America with her dad and her Sister. A week in Los Angeles and two weeks in New York. Then she said that they were also going to have a week in Hawaii before returning back to Australia.

BAM! That was it! That’s where the perfect proposal will take place. I had 3 months to prepare. That next day I started making calls and emails to Hawaii, by the end of the week I had organised my flights, accommodation, time off work and a reservation for Sharnee’s family on a sunset dinner cruise off Waikiki. I started learning the song ‘kiss the girl’ from the little mermaid on ukulele, the reason for the song is that when we were first together we were laughing and singing this song in the car and I said “if I ever propose to you it will be in a blue lagoon”.

A week before their trip I sat down with Sharnee’s mum and Dad and asked for their daughters hand in marriage. They were both very excited, but even more excited to learn of how I was going to propose to Sharnee. By surprising her in Hawaii on a sunset dinner cruise. I needed their help to pull this off, but to also help with another surprise, to have her mum there as well.

The reason why Sharnee’s mum didn’t go with them for their holiday is because she is terrified of flying. So to have her there over in Hawaii for this was a big deal. We were able to book her tickets sitting next to me on all flights to help calm the nerves.

After being told we had been taken off our flight onto a different flight because our flight wouldn’t make the connecting flight, getting put back on our flight from Melbourne to Sydney, then running through Sydney’s airport to reach our connecting flight to Hawaii within 30 seconds of them closing the doors, we made it to Hawaii.

Sharnee had been there a night already after having three weeks over in the states. Myself and Leanne slept and chilled in the Motel for the day, getting ready for the big night.

We went aboard the Novatek Atlantic cruise ship early to meet with the staff who I had already been talking over the phone with from Australia. They were amazing and were very excited to be part of it. I was hiding, Leanne was hiding and the go pros were rolling. Everything was in place.

The Novatek crew escorted them to the top deck for some “professional photos” with a secret go pro in hand. They made sure Sharnee was first up the stairs, where at the top there I was playing the ukulele and nervous like hell.

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Everything went to plan, Sharnee had no idea of her mum or myself in Hawaii, let alone me going to propose. It was the best proposal she could’ve asked for, and it was the best for me because: She said Yes!