Sharma and Derrick

How We Met: Derrick and I met at a yacht party in DC early Spring 2013. The vessel was called “The Virginia Jewel”. We first noticed each other just before boarding but didn’t speak until it was almost time to disembark. We exchanged info and by the end of the year we were closer than ever.

how they asked: It was Mothers Day 2015 and we were at the airport headed to his hometown to see his lovely mother (so I thought). He told me we had a lay over in NY and I thought that was strange to have such a layover just to get to WV. We sat at a gate in JFK and when it was time for us to board at another gate he says “I have a surprise, we aren’t really going to WV, we’re going to Paris!”

My first thought was “his mom is going to be up set that we didn’t show up.” Little did I know she wasn’t even expecting us in the first place! As we toured the Mussé Louvre and other wonderful places we decided to sit on the grass at the park in front of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy champagne and baguettes he asked someone to take a pic for us and that’s when it happened, he dropped down to one knee!