Sharlotte and Blake's Proposal and Wedding all in One Week

How We Met

Blake and I first met when I was going to college at Anderson University in Anderson, IN. He had a group of friends that also attended the school and he would frequently come up and visit them. I personally did not know anything of him for quite sometime. I was a NFL Cheerleader at the time, and he was and still is a Christian Hip Hop recording artist, so his friends thought for some reason that we would be the “perfect match.” He first came up to me when I was studying in the library, (that was the first time he actually ever saw me in person). He came up and introduced himself and we made casual conversation but nothing happened of it, and to be honest I think we both kind of forgot about it. Around a year later I saw him again in my apartment parking lot at school. For some reason I did not recognize him so I didn’t know it was the same guy I had met a year earlier in the library. I was by my car when he caught my eye but I had to leave for a doctors appointment and by no means was I going to go up and approach him. 1. I would have had a heart attack. 2. I am too shy for that. & 3. I have always thought it was special that the guy pursues the woman. Anyways, later that night I was in the lobby of my apartment complex finishing up a project with another student. Blake walked in and my heart started going 5000 beats per minute. I was freaking out on the inside but trying to keep cool like it was no big deal. About 20 minutes later he came up to me and introduced himself. The student I was working on a project with left shortly after and so did Blake’s group of guys friends who were with him. Little did I know, his friends had seen me in the lobby studying, ran upstairs, woke Blake up, dressed him and told him “The eagle has landed in the lobby, it’s your time.” (I was the eagle apparently). His friends planned for him to come down to try and talk to me. In my head I was bummed from earlier that day and thought I would never see him again let alone meet him. To make a long story short we stayed up until 5AM, talked about life, hopes, and dreams, and ended the night by making a snowman outside. When I went upstairs to go to bed, I texted my roommate, “I think I just met my future husband.” I was right. :)

how they asked

I was engaged and married with in one week. Insane? Maybe. Totally Worth It? Yes.

Here’s our story… For most of us girls, our biggest dream is to plan the most perfect wedding, but what if that work was already taken care of, and that day was closer than you thought? I know what you are probably thinking, “no way”…How would they know what I want or what I even like? How would they know my dress size, what flowers I wanted, my colors!?! These were all questions that I know we would ask ourselves if this particular scenario was presented to us. As you may or may not know, a surprise wedding was in my playing cards and I wouldn’t have it any other way. How they did it? Well…here, you’re in for a treat.

Blake and I recently had many conversations about where our relationship was going. We had been dating for almost two years by then and we both knew in our hearts something needed to happen. We were both in the car and I was driving. I really don’t remember what we were talking about at that point but within that conversation he mentioned some things that totally threw me off and sent my stomach into my throat, but for all of the right reasons. He looked over at me and said, “I told my sister that I need to start saving money for a ring.” He said it with ease; it took everything inside of me not to freak out. A few conversation there after that car ride we knew that God was telling us both that it was time.

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December: I’m Getting Married!?

I got a phone call from Blake when I was driving home from work one night and he asked if it would be okay with me if he planned our wedding and surprised me. Now, for anyone who doesn’t know I am total opposite of Blake in the sense that I am very calm, chill, and laid back. Blake on the other hand, is not…(but I love it). I also love surprises but I’m terrible because I always try and figure them out if I know they’re coming, so I had to be extra cautious with this one. As the conversation went on, he mentioned that our parents weren’t so sure that I would like that because it is unheard of. If there’s one thing girls want to be in control of, it is their wedding, or so they thought… It didn’t take me long to make a decision. In that moment I gave the reigns on our wedding over to him under one condition, I got to pick out my dress. Blake said it was perfectly okay and that very next Saturday I went to David’s Bridal and picked the most perfect dress right off the rack and carried it right along home with me. A couple of days after that I brought it to The Perfect Stitch where the seamstress did all of the alterations that needed to be done and she started the process of making my veil from scratch. (I think she did amazing by the way)

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January: Planning, Planning, Planning

By this time I knew my mom, Blake’s dad and amazingly wonderful sister (love you Nene!) were hard at work planning. I was also aware that Blake had asked my parents if he could marry me… so all of the important stuff was taken care of. Not everything was super secret, private, or perfect the days leading up to the wedding, but the wedding itself was. I was able to still pick out my flowers and colors which I was happy to be apart of, and they turned out so wonderful. We had them done at Milligan’s in downtown Crawfordsville which is where I am from. I also had the bridesmaids dresses picked out and everyone had ordered. (This was a big relief with having 8 bridesmaids) At this point I had no idea when he was going to ask me to be his wife; I just knew that he was. The anticipation almost killed me.

February: The Proposal

In the beginning of February I was getting the notion that it was going to be sometime in the near future. I tried to hold myself back from trying to figure out when it was, and surprisingly I did. I had no idea how the “normal” things of my wedding were going to go down, like the wedding shower, or how they were going to keep the whole thing a secret from me even after inviting over 160 guests.

On February 13th, I was invited to my own bridal shower, still with no ring on my finger. I was still so ecstatic that my favorite ladies were getting together to celebrate this unique marriage with me, even before I knew it was going to happen. We got to hangout, eat cake, pray, and then it was time for me to open gifts. I would say I was about half way through when I heard gasps and looked up to see Blake walking in with his entire wedding party behind him, along with my brothers and some other special men from our lives. There was between 13-15 of them and I was in complete shock. I was confused but happy to see him, and thought for a second that it was weird that the men showed up, but all of the rest of the wedding planning was a little different so maybe my shower was going to be too. Blake ended up walking to front of the room where I was at, talked with everyone for about a minute, turned around, got on one knee and said, “with out further ado, Sharlotte will you marry me?” I’m sure you can guess what I said…YES!!!!

Then! right after that he handed me our very own wedding invitation and mentioned, “Oh, by the way, our wedding is next weekend.” It. Was. Perfect.

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February 20th: The Big Day

The week before our wedding I was in LaLa land, still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I get to marry my love in just a couple of days. There was really not much waiting to be done at all, and that feeling was amazing. On that Friday night we had a rehearsal with our wedding party, 16 and all, plus my two brothers as ushers, parents, and other special friends. Afterwards we went out to eat together and it felt perfect; it seemed like it was how Jesus would want us to celebrate a marriage, as one family. The next day I woke up with little sleep, but I was very much ready to go. Everything I needed I had packed up the day before, and his sister, the one I mentioned before, had already made arrangements to pick up my dress. The men had their tux’s, and my ladies had their dresses. I have to mention it was 60 degrees that day in the middle of February in Indiana. We were blessed. Us girls arrived at the church, had an amazing morning getting ready and having so much fun together, then at 3:30 I walked down the aisle with my dad to marry the man of my dreams. A short time later we were turned to the crowd by our efficient Clayton Jennings and he proceeded with, “I now present to you for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. Blake Whiteley.” The rest is history!

Just kidding, we had the most beautiful reception as well. Blake, his sister, my mom, and his dad organized it with the help of a wedding coordinator. It was at the Rathskeller in downtown Indianapolis. It was so beautiful and perfect. That was a huge surprise to me as well because I wasn’t expecting something that big or luxurious! They really did the most amazing job.

Thank you for reading our story that is very dear to our hearts, and feel free to dream tonight about your most perfect wedding. Mine happened only because I could fully trust Blake, and I was confident that God knew I was totally content with marrying Blake even if it had to be in a small tent outside. The size and looks of a wedding doesn’t show the love that Blake and I have for each other, it’s our hearts. Our wedding was just a big, giant, fat PLUS! Until next engagement post…happy dreaming!

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***A big thank you to first of all Jesus because with out Him none of this would have been possible, my mom and dad, Blake’s dad, Rene his sister, and all of the rest of our families for making this dream come true for the both of us. You mean the world to us and we love you so much!***

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