Sharlin and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I went to the same middle school but officially met as freshmen in high school. We both had the same fourth period, P.E.. Every Friday we would have a free day where we had the option to do any activity. My friend Onassis and I usually sat on the sideline and watched the guys play basketball, Tyler was usually one of those guys. We started talking during class and after some time he started walking me to my bus every day. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Back in March I took a week off work, flew to Ecuador and watched my cousin get married. The day after I got home from my trip Tyler asked me I would like to visit his sister in Hawaii. I was so excited and instantly wanted to book our flights but I wasn’t sure if I would get approved for the vacation time since I had recently taken a week off.

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So later that day I built up some courage and my manager, she smiled and told me to go ahead and book my flight. Little did she know she was helping plan the biggest trip of my life.

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Everything we visited in Hawaii was amazing! His sister Michelle, her husband Jeremy and their neighbor Aundrea guided us through the many adventures. Silly me never realized that they all had planned the proposal weeks before we even arrived. April 30th 2017 the day before we left, I was told we were going to have a picnic on Mount Tantalus which overlooks a part of the island. Michelle, Aundrea, Tyler and I drove to a bakery where we purchased local pastries. Then made our way to Mount Tantalus. Once we got there we all set up for the picnic and decided to take some pictures. Aundrea surprised us by gifting us leis in honor of our first Hawaii trip. She placed the lei on Tyler and then placed it on me. As I started to pose for the picture, I turned my head and saw the love of my life get on one knee and ask me to marry him.

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I was so in shock that the only words to leave my mouth were “Oh my god”. That day he made me the happiest I have ever been. We decided that Feburary 16, 2019 on our 8 year anniversary we will both say “I do” and I will become Mrs. McElwee.

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Special Thanks

Michelle Messina
 | Planning