Sharlie and Evan

How We Met

We actually met through Tinder! Which I know is a stretch. But his opening line opened the door to my heart. However he showed up late to our first date, and showed up filthy dirty despite his nice suit. It turns out he stopped and helped the victims of a car accident, (he’s a veteran of the Army) and made sure they were stable before driving an extra hour to the restaurant. A restaurant we had all to ourselves with an extra friendly waitress who decided to sit at the table with us. We’ve been inseparable ever since and months later he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, and I couldn’t be happier to say yes.

Image 1 of Sharlie and Evan

how they asked

We went to Holiday in the Park at 6 Flags over Georgia. We spent all night fighting the huge crowd while he kept asking me where we wanted to take a picture together. He normally never wants to take a picture together so I was weirded out. Finally I found a place I thought was pretty with a line of people waiting to use it. After waiting patiently for 20 minutes I passed the phone to an incredibly helpful lady behind us. As we were posing he suddenly swings towards me and drops to one knee as I totally blank. I remember saying “no no no” as he pulls a beautiful ring out of his pocket. He asked me to marry him and all I could do was thrust my hand at him in a gesture of saying “yes”! The nice woman narrated it all in a video she took for us on my phone (albeit poor quality) and it was so sweet and the crowd applauded for us and it was the highlight of my night. I felt so special and realized how lucky I am.