Sharleen and Christopher

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How We Met

It started out about two years ago when my mother was suggesting I try the online dating thing. I agreed and signed up for eHarmony and to my surprise went out on my first date with a guy by the name of Christopher Davis. Well, at first I didn’t know his name because he had an alias. So I was chatting with “Archaeopteryx.” We chatted and had our first date in El Segundo, California. We had a nice dinner, his steak was super dry, and then we walked on the beach. From there it was history. Everything just made sense afterward.

how they asked

Fast forward to September 30th, 2017. Christopher, my parents, his mom and I all go up to Lake Tahoe to celebrate some birthdays for the weekend. He lets me in on the surprise that he rented a boat for the birthday celebration. So of course we hop onto the gondola and begin our cruise on the lake. It was beautiful! The air was crisp and fresh. Something we don’t normally feel down in Los Angeles. We break out the cheap bottle of champagne that we bought earlier at the market to make a toast for the birthdays. Christopher says he has another surprise. He turns and is grabbing something from his side. Here I am thinking, “Darn it!” He bought them a gift and didn’t tell me! I got nothing! He turns and opens this wooden box with a ring in it. I can’t even say what he said exactly because I blacked out, but I did catch, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” I could not believe this was happening. Right here! Right now!! I paused and then said, “I’m going to vomit.” My mom is telling me to say something already! Of course I would. I said yes. We are now engaged! Keep in mind it was five of us in a skinny gondola. Jumping for joy was out of the question. Christopher then surprised all of us with a beautiful bottle of Dom Pérignon for the occasion. I found out right after my dad knew the whole time and that Christopher had asked for my hand a month ago and when I heard that I could not hold back the tears. That was all I could ask for.

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