Shari and Josue

How We Met: We met in church.  The first time we actually met, it was after a church service and he was talking to someone I know as I walked up to them and tell him “hey I know you, you are Jeremia’s brother” and walked away as he gave me a look as if I was weird.  This moment happens to be one of his unforgettable moments of us meeting that made him become even more interested in me.  He was actually the one to remind me that that was how we met.


He had heard of me but had not spoken to me until that night.  After that, we developed a friendship as we had mutual friends and attend churches in the same organization.  We both attended Bible Instittute for 4 years.  We started together as friends and graduated together as a couple.  Who would’ve known!

how they asked: On Sunday 8/23/15 my fiancé asked me to marry him. The proposal was amazing, beautiful and romantic in front of the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, in front of our immediate families, friends and random people in Chicago.  The day started with each of us attending our own churches and then meeting up to head to Chicago for dinner.  He had asked me earlier that week to go on a date night with him since it had been a bit while since we had gone on a nice romantic date night.  He had made reservations at a restaurant which is where we had dinner.

In there he told me that two of our close friends (a married couple) were going to meet us at the park to just hang out and walk around since he missed our friend’s birthday party the day before.  I said that would be fun.  When we left the restaurant he began to stall around by driving not towards the park where we were going to meet out friends.  After stalling around by driving around,  we then head towards the park. On our way, we run into another couple who are also close friends and I texted my friend telling her they had just passed us in their car and she came up with a good lie that I believed.  I decided to invite them to join us and the other couple at the park.

As we are looking for parking I see my parents’ car which my boyfriend tells me he did not see it lol.  I also see a lime green car that looks just like the car another friend has but at this point I didn’t mentioned anything.  When we arrived to the park, which is where the Buckingham Fountain is located, my boyfriend begins to ask me what I think of the buildings and I’m just thinking to myself “ok, something is up” but I respond by saying “they are tall”.

I then ask him where is the friends we were supposed to meet up with.  We walked to the other side of the fountain and a close friend (the one he told me that were going to meet up with us) walked up to us playing the guitar and singing “More than Words” by Extreme which is the first love song my fiancé dedicated to me when we first started dating.  I then looked to my left and I see our parents (his parents and my parents) carrying a sign that said “Shari, Will you marry me?” with more family and close friends walking behind them.


My fiancé gives a romantic speech which included and ended with the following words: “You are the person that God has placed in my life…You have everything I have ever looked for, you’re smart, you’re beautiful, and honestly, as everyday that goes by, I can’t picture another day without you.  So in front of everybody here, will you marry me?”


I cried like a baby and responded “of course yes!!!!”  I hugged him for a while as I didn’t want to let him go and people were reminding me that he still had not put the beautiful ring on my finger.  I cried more as I watched him slip the ring on to my finger.


I even had my oldest brother and his wife and my nephew watching the proposal through FaceTime since they live in Florida and that got me more emotional.