Shari and Adam

How We Met

I didn’t start dating until I was 21, I just wanted to focus on bettering myself. I’ve been praying for my future husband since I was 13, and I really wanted to meet someone with good character and shared morals. I signed up for OkCupid, and I never met anyone I felt a connection with until I met Adam. By the third date, I usually knew if someone and I wouldn’t work out, and it would end there. I hated wasting my time and the time of others, especially since I was focused on my faith and my career.

I liked Adam’s profile because he had some photos of him hiking in nature and it said he was a Christian, so I decided to message him first by saying, “Hey, you seem dope.” I know… Smooth right? 🙈 Well, something clicked and we talked until midnight, but it was a Thursday and I had to work the next day. He said he wanted to take me out for cake and tea at this really cute shop near my house! I thought it was funny he picked somewhere so close to my home. Little did I know we lived 5 minutes from each other, and even attended the same high school for a year!

We met for the date and immediately ran into his very best friends outside the cake shop, which I thought “it’s fine I’ll never see these people again” (haha, hindsight is 20/20!) His friends left pretty abruptly because I think they took the hint that it was the first date. We sat and talked for a while and we had a lot of similar interests. I was sold when we were about to leave, he told me “Wait, before we go, I NEED to order a slice of cake for my mom and 5-year old brother, if I don’t bring cake home they’ll be mad at me.” I just thought… OK, wow this guy is sweet to his family. He asked me if we could go on another date, and so it began!

On our second date, Adam offered to go on a walk with my 3-month-old puppy and I. My dog is notorious for barking at people he doesn’t like, but he didn’t bark at Adam. He gained more points!

Our third date, we went rock climbing and grabbed in-n-out for lunch. Great combo right? We talked and figured out our brothers went to high school together. Another cool connection!

I was going to meet a friend at Disneyland for the afternoon, but my friend canceled. Adam didn’t want the date to end, and he said he could buy a day ticket at 3 pm to join me at the park. I kept telling him “no, don’t spend your money, it’s fine.” He insisted! Well, we ended up sitting in parking traffic for an HOUR, being redirected from the parking structure to another lot (this is before Disney opened their new Pixar parking structure). I kept apologizing for the terrible traffic and he told me, “It’s alright I like spending time with you and getting to know you.” What a sweet guy, I thought! We went on part 2 of our date at Disneyland and I really started to catch feelings for him.

How They Asked

Fast forward to one year later, Adam and I wanted to celebrate us moving out, and we decided to have a stay-cation before our “day we met” anniversary. So he planned a stay at Disney’s Grand California hotel. I love photo moments, so I begged to take photos by the castle for my Instagram after breakfast at Storyteller’s cafe! He agreed, but he kept saying he had stomach problems and excused himself to the bathroom (I didn’t know until after he was in the bathroom pretending to have stomach problems so he could call our moms to organize the proposal). Well, it was about 98 degrees out, so he came out of the bathroom and was like, “We’ll do your castle photo, ride the Matterhorn and we can change clothes after to be comfy.” I agreed! A good plan since it was hot and I didn’t want my cute makeup to melt off.

We got up to the castle and I was so excited to take a photo. BUT THEN, the cast member told us, “Sorry! I’m going on break, we’ll be back soon.” I told Adam we should just take a selfie. This random little girl offered to take our photo (not so random anymore, I found out my mom sent this amazing stranger over). He got down on one knee and I was so surprised and caught off hairs, I had no idea! Girl, I grabbed the ring out of his hand, there was no doubt I wanted to be his wife.

This is the man I prayed for years ago, and he told me he was praying to meet someone too. We’re both so grateful we found each other, and I couldn’t imagine a world without my soulmate and best friend.

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