Sharda and Shy

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How We Met

Shy and I met at mutual friends’ parties and would make small talk, nothing serious. Until one day he liked ALL my pictures on social media, Instagram. I liked all his pictures back and he then comments on one leaving his phone number. I texted him telling him to take his number down unless he wants the whole world to have his number lol We then began texting and went on dates and we’ve been together ever since for four years!

how they asked

Shy proposed in a hot air balloon ride. It was the most romantic proposal I could ever think of. We are a very adventurous couple so I didn’t expect it at all. While up in the air, he announces his love to me I front of 20 other people in the balloon and get on his knee and proposes. Of course I said, YES! When we landed our families were there to surprise me and congratulate us.

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