Sharanda and William

How We Met

Will and I met three years ago when i got a promotion to the Golden Valley Menards as the Assistant Wall coverings manager. Will at the time was the Assistant Building Materials Manager. We one day just started talking and just never stopped after that. It was about 6 months after we met that we started to go on dates and then a month later he asked me to be his girl friend.

how they asked

Me and Will had just moved down to Kansas City and found out that our favorite band was coming to town for a concert! (Motionless in White) I was SUPER excited about this especially when Will asked me if I wanted to get VIP tickets. I have never met anyone famous, so I of course said, uh yeah! Day of the concert, we get there 8 hours before the door even opened. (because that is what hard core concert goers do!) It is time for us to go in a meet the band. We go up and meet them take a picture and Chris, the lead singer, asks us to go over the side till all the rest of the picture were done. I honestly thought nothing of it. Will knows the band pretty well, i thought that they were just going to let him go on stage to sing with them or something, but still pretty great! All the pictures were over and we walked back over to Chris and the band and Chris asks Will for his number! I still at this point have no idea what is going on, I am just taking in everything like a little fan girl!

Halfway through the second set Will got a text from Motionless in White’s head stage guy. He asked Will and I to meet him in 15 minutes at the merch table. At this point I am just dying because I know that I get to go back stage!!!!! The stage guy comes out to get us and we head back stage. Chris comes over to talk to Will, as I am off in my own little world, to talk to him and then Chris gets ready to get on stage and says I will see you out there! I am freaking out because I dont do crowds so if i have to go out there to “sing” I would lose it!

It is now half way through Motionless in White’s set and Chris invites Will “Waldo” on stage because he had asked him a favor. Will then invited me on stage and I had a really goo feeling what was going on! Will started, “Since the day I met you i knew I wanted to be with you. And now that we are together, I would love nothing more than to be Eternally Yours. (down on one knee) Sharanda Will you Marry me? Of course I said yes! #WaldoandWhittaker

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