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How We Met

WE’RE ENGAGED! We met in July 2008 at Fordham University and nine years later, here we are! From building a friendship to dating in New York to moving to Miami two years ago, we’ve come a long way. This journey has been WORTH IT!

Randy and I met in July 2008 when we started our freshman year of college. We were in similar classes and would see each other very often. Our friendship blossomed and we became very close. He quickly became my best friend. We did everything together. We spent holidays. We went on vacation. We would eat the city of New York. Then about four years into our friendship, on my birthday, we decided to transition our friendship into a romantic relationship. It already felt like we were dating so why not?!

About a year and a half later, after some fighting and differences, we decided to breakup. We weren’t ourselves and we needed time to reassess our friendship and relationship. We went our separate ways. We graduated Fordham and moved on. A year and a half after that in the summer of 2015, we were reconnecting again when I expressed how unhappy I was with my current job. I told him I was considering looking for other jobs and possibly applying out of New York. The same afternoon we spoke, I applied to some teaching jobs in Miami and was asked for a phone interview. I landed a job within 24 hours and was moving to MIAMI! Even though we weren’t 100% official or back in a relationship, Randy said he could try something new too and would be willing to move to Miami with me. I couldn’t believe it! He wanted to take the risk on me and take this journey with me. I knew it would be difficult. We would be away from our families and friends. We’d be completely out of our comfort zones. On July 29, 2015, I took a 6am flight to Miami and didn’t look back. Randy arrived two days later and we started our life in Miami. We still live in Miami today.

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how they asked

Fast forward two years living in Miami and we decided to fly to New York for some time in the summer of 2017. Every year in NY, Randy and I would rowboat at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Upon booking our summer 2017 tickets to NY, Randy suggested we go rowboating just like old times on June 22, 2017. While rowing, he was acting kind of strange. He was struggling to row the boat and putting the boat in weird areas on the lake. Finally, we were at an opening and he started talking about how rowboating wasn’t the only reason he brought me out to the lake. He mentioned about how our lives together had come full circle from going on a first date rowboating to now rowboating again 9 years later but this time he wanted to marry me.

He took out a beautiful emerald cut diamond sitting on a diamond encrusted band and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was funny being on the water because you can’t jump up and down or start freaking out because you’ll compromise your safety on the rowboat. He rowed back to the entrance and we got off the boat. I called my family and friends to share the news as we walked from Central Park to the Meatball Shop in Hell’s Kitchen. By the time we sat in Meatball Shop, I was so hungry and everything was hitting me. One: We were finallllly getting married. Two: We were in our favorite place. Three: WE WERE IN NEW YORK so everyone we love was near.

It was really the best day but it got even better as the weekend came because now it was time to celebrate. Randy’s immediate family threw us an intimate family dinner on Saturday and our friends celebrated with us that Sunday.

Now we are back in Miami. We set a date for June 22, 2019. two years after our engagement.

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