Shanteya and Kelvin

Image 1 of Shanteya Tatyana and Kelvin Danzell

How We Met

Kelvin & Shanteya met at drill. Kelvin was talking to a guy he had just met when Shanteya walked in. The guy told Kelvin, “there goes your wife..” and Kelvin knew he had to get to know her. We tell the full story in the video, but long story short, Kelvin pursued Teya with his whole heart, because he felt it was divine destiny that they be together.

how they asked

A few weeks ago, Kelvin called Sarah Kelley, the owner of Posh & P, Shanteya’s favorite boutique in Troy. He explained that he wanted to propose in their store, with a special dress and a cascade of roses. Sarah happily agreed to help out, and suggested involving Megan Pettus, a local photographer & videographer to film the proposal. When Kelvin contacted Megan, she suggested making the whole thing seem like Kelvin & Shanteya were participating in a commercial for the boutique, so the camera’s presence wouldn’t tip Teya off to Kelvin’s true plans. Kelvin loved that idea, and took it to the next level by creating flyers and even consent forms for Shanteya to sign. Days before the proposal, Kelvin delivered a sleek maroon evening gown and a dapper plum tuxedo to the store. They were tucked in safely in the back, ready for just the right moment. K & S were together the entire day of the proposal, she had no idea what was coming that night. They arrived at the boutique and were greeted by Megan & Sarah, who explained their “ideas for the commercial” having the two pretend to be shopping, and asking Shanteya to model some of the clothes in the boutique. As she modeled “the dress” (which, by the way, fit her perfectly!) Kelvin got into his tux and spread a path of roses leading to his position. When Shanteya walked back into the store, her reaction was priceless. She was ushered over to her man, where he said the most eloquent proposal speech. “Will you serve Christ with me? Will you walk with God, fulfill all your dreams, and expand His kingdom with me? Will you make our home our first ministry? My Queen, Shanteya, will you marry me?” He got down on one knee, and pulled out the gorgeous pear shaped, custom designed ring. After she said “YES!” the two got to celebrate their engagement with engagement photos by Megan & sparkling wine from Sarah. Kelvin then whisked his future bride off to a romantic dinner in Montgomery at their favorite restaurant, Vintage Year.

Image 2 of Shanteya Tatyana and Kelvin Danzell

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Megan Pettus Videography
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