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How We Met

My mother has always said “If it is meant to be, life will find a way to make it happen.” This couldn’t have been more true for Mike and I. We officially met the first day of our freshmen year at college, however we knew about each other prior to this day. Rewind a couple of months back, I had just chosen where I wanted to go to college. My parents were the protective type and always wanted to ensure my safety. When they found out that I knew absolutely no one going to the same school as me, they felt uneasy. My dad then told me that his co-workers son was going to the same college and that we should exchange contact information so at least I knew someone prior to arriving. I thought that that was ridiculous and refused the offer. I found out later and mike’s dad suggested the same thing and he also refused. Fast forward to day one of freshman year. I was sitting outside with my new roommates chatting when a group a of guys came over and asked to join us. We all starting talking and for some reason, I was drawn to this one guy in the group. He was tall, cute and a little shy but there was just something about him that stood out to me. I found myself talking to just him at one point and during our conversation Mike asked me why I choose Rutgers. I told him my dad worked there and that the university helped out with tuition so it was a no brainer.

All of a sudden he asked “your dad isn’t Dan by any chance, right?” my response immediately was “oh my god! are you John’s son?” we both just sat there in shock for a moment and then both of us shared the same story of our dad’s trying to get us to meet. I couldn’t believe out of all the people at this school, I was talking to him. The next day was orientation and Mike was the only person I knew in my group so of course I stuck with him. By the end of the day I knew I liked him. It was a little scary because I’ve never had feelings for someone so quickly and I had no idea if he felt the same way. The last speaker came on, and somewhere in the speech we started holding hands. To this day neither of us remember who initiated it but it was perfect and awkward all at the same time. We spent the rest of the day together and that night we shared our first kiss. Now 6 years later, our relationship couldn’t be better! Not many people get to say that they started and ended their collage career with the same person and are still going strong! I love him more and more with each passing day and I couldn’t be luckier!

Proposal Ideas Cape May, Nj

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The day started like any other day. we were on a surprise weekend gateway trip to Cape May, NJ for our 6 year anniversary. Mike has always been into surprising me so when I found out we were going to Cape May, I was excited and suspected nothing. This trip, just like any other, was planned to the tee. Mike took me to the zoo that morning and we had lunch by the ocean. Mike wouldn’t tell me where but we had dinner reservations at 6. We started getting ready and I had planned to where a blue dress but just like any girl, I brought 5 just in case I changed my mind. I’m big on matching especially when dressing nice and mike came out in a white dress shirt. Without him even asking me I pulled out my white dress that I brought excited because I could match him. We finished getting ready and off we went.

We headed to the shopping plaza and I assumed that’s where dinner had to be. While entering the plaza, Mike got a “phone call” from the restaurant saying that our reservation was pushed back 15 minutes. He then was complaining about a rock in his shoe and wanted to sit down really quick to fix it. He asked me to sit with him and I refused. (I later learned that me sitting down was the cue to start the music.) I wanted to go shopping while we had a couple of minutes and was honesty on the verge of leaving him to go into a store. I then heard Coldplay (one of my favorite bands) come on a sound system and I thought the night life was starting in the plaza. I then randomly saw my friend Brittnee dancing.

I yelled for her and actually started walking over to her when I saw some more of my friends who were dancing as well and at this point realized they were in a flash mob but still had not clue this was my proposal. Once the guys came out I noticed that I literally knew everyone dancing and started to realize was going on. Then out came both mine and Mike’s family and that was the icing on the cake. I was shocked and couldn’t believe they were there to witness this.

Once I saw Mike I just couldn’t stopped smiling! He made me the happiest girl on the planet that day! And though there was no actual dinner reservations, we got to continue our night at a bar mike had reserved for everyone.

How he managed to plan all of this with 30+ friends and our families without me having the slightest idea about what was going on is beyond me and its just one of the many reasons I love him to pieces!

Shannon Van's Proposal in Cape May, Nj

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This company plans and cordinates marriage proposals. That took care of everything! They did the choreography, ran the practices, and facilitated the enter proposal to ensure it ran smoothly
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They were the coordinators for the event. They did a fantastic job and took so much of the stress off mike! this would not have happened without them!
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