Shannon and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I met on a blind date. I walked in to Taps Bar located in Winter Park, Florida; I was so nervous that he was going to be short or cocky and he was great!

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Although it was an awkward “Hello.”, I went in for a hand shake and he went for a hug… haha.

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He had such a good personality. He was so caring, the perfect height, very intelligent and extremely handsome; we hit it off.

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When he asked me to marry him after 2 years…I said yes because I knew from the moment we met he was the one.

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how they asked

While I was in Europe, we would talk every night and he would mention what kind of ring style I liked and how I would want to be proposed to, but I never thought anything of it. I thought we were just talking since we were so far a part.

Zach proposed to me at the Orlando International Airport when I was returning home from Europe in August. When I was coming off the plane he was there with my daughter and parents and got on one knee and that was the perfect thing to come home to.

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