Shannon and Wes

How We Met

Wes saw a picture of me with one of our mutual friends on Myspace back in 2006. He asked, “Who’s your cute friend?” We were introduced shortly after that by our mutual friends who were dating at the time. Young(18) not looking for anything too serious, we kept in touch over the next couple of years (flirting whenever we saw each other). Fast forward to 2011, our friend who introduced us passed away tragically. Silver lining in that terrible situation was that it actually brought us together. We started dating in December and the rest is history! Truly, a match made in heaven.

how they asked

It was 11:00 June 25th 2015, and I was trying clothes on, kissing my dog, doing basically everything aside from packing for vacation. We are leaving for vacation in less than 5 hours and like always, I wait until the last minute to pack. While I’m preoccupied with figuring out what cute outfits I want to wear, Wes is trying to peel our little dog Melky away from me (the second he sees me with the suitcase out, he’s attached to my hip) Wes FINALLY lured Melky away from me with about 30 treats and called me into the kitchen. With little Melky in his arms and the ring on a ribbon around Melky’s neck he got down on one knee, “Shannon, will you marry me?”

And so romantically, I responded “thank you.”

I always wanted our little furbaby to be involved. The proposal was so us. So perfect.