Shannon and Tyler

How We Met

I met Tyler in 2008 during my freshman year of college while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. We were both in the same dorm, and majoring in Biology at the time, so we had a lot of overlap in our lives. We initially started spending time together because I had a crush on his then-roommate (who coincidentally is still his best friend to this day!). Tyler was my best guy friend, and remained that way through all four years of college. Friends often asked if there was anything more to the relationship, but we were both in denial – swearing we we’re ‘just friends’. Fast-forward to 2013, we were both living in Denver after graduating and still spending a lot of time together. At first, we saw it as the same close friendship, but that quickly turned into something more. We dated on and off up until January 2015, when we made it official. It was such an easy transition into a relationship, as we already knew each other so well and felt comfortable around each other. We both eventually admitted that there had been an attraction there from day one back in college, but we were too afraid of losing the friendship to do anything about it. Once we made things official, things started falling into place. Last summer we bought a new home and moved in together. The thing about Tyler is, he isn’t always the best about change and new things. I knew that buying a home was a big step for him, so I assumed we were still a few years away from an engagement. I knew I would be spending the rest of my life with him regardless, so I wasn’t in too much of a rush.

how they asked

My parents live in Colorado Springs, and we often head down for a weekend visit. On the day of the proposal, my parents invited us to come down for the weekend to do a joint celebration of their wedding anniversary and Tyler’s birthday, which was a few weeks prior. They suggested we meet them at the Broadmoor for dinner. Normally, I would be a little suspicious of dinner at a fancy resort, however my parents held their wedding reception at the Broadmoor, so the revisiting the venue seemed to make sense. Tyler was antsy all that day. He kept asking if I needed any help picking out an outfit, and suggested that I wear something nicer with heels as the restaurant was on the dressier side. This didn’t really raise any red flags for me, as Tyler is always a bit over-prepared. When we arrived to the Broadmoor, the restaurant host let us know it would be about 15 minutes until we could be sat (I would later find out that the host was in on the plan, too). We decided to take a walk around the resort to kill some time.

Proposal Ideas The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO

We stopped on the iconic bridge, and Tyler turned around to face me. I will still completely clueless at this point, until he said he had a question for me, and dropped down on one knee. I was absolutely speechless at first, I think I eventually began saying “Oh My God. Oh My God.” before eventually mustering up “Of course I’ll marry you!”

Where to Propose in The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO

We spent some time on the bridge. I was still in a state of shock and complete bliss. Tyler then reminded me we still had to meet my parents for dinner, and announce the exciting news! We headed back to the main resort building. Little did I know, Tyler had yet another surprise up his sleeve! He had somehow orchestrated a surprise engagement party with all of our closest friends and family, including his parents who flew out from California! I was completely blown away by the surprise.

The proposal in and of itself was more than I could dream of, and having my favorite people in the world there to celebrate afterwards was just the cherry on top. It turned out, the entire group was staying at the Broadmoor (including Tyler and myself in a gorgeous residential suite!) and would be celebrating with us for the entire evening.

I had never felt more love and happiness than I did on that day. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal, and the best part of all is that I get to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend!