Shannon and Tommy

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How We Met

As normal people in high school do, I (Tommy) had a weekend job at a local restaurant to earn some extra spending money. Little did I know that I would earn much more than that during the summer. While working at the restaurant, I met Shannon’s older sister, Ashley, who by chance thought it would be a great idea for Shannon and I to meet. After that first meeting it was meant to be and we have been together through high school, college, moving states, and much more!

how they asked

While on a trip to Maui, Shannon and I had selected a number of different activities to enjoy our stay. One of those activities included a helicopter ride with Air Maui over the Hana rainforest which included a touchdown on a private cliffside. Now I don’t know about you, but this just seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask the woman of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me. Of course I wanted to capture the big moment, so I found an amazing photographer who was willing to come along with us in secret to capture everything I was looking for. As the helicopter took off we soared over the dormant volcano and enjoyed listening to the pilot tell us all about the history of the island. Once we landed on the cliffside, I told Shannon we should walk out towards the edge to see how far down the drop was. Soon enough I took her hand and dropped down to one knee, much to her amazement and excitement. Once the big moment happened, I mentioned to her that the photographer on the ride was actually there for us and we proceeded to have a mini engagement shoot right around the area before heading back to the airport!

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Special Thanks

Air Maui
 | Helicopter
Engaged On Maui
 | Photographer