Shannon and TJ

How We Met

On Thursday, July 23, 2015 my girlfriends and I went to a “Thunder from Down Under” show in Newton, NJ. After the show, one of my friends texted TJ to come meet us out. Only two friends and I made it to the bar in Morristown, where TJ had come to meet my friend. Finally we ended up chatting in the bar and TJ offered to drive my friends and I to a diner for some late night food. After the diner, TJ dropped my friends and I off at my house. The next day TJ asked my friend for my phone number and of course I said yes. The next night TJ came to visit me at my house to watch a movie because I was sick from the night before. Then finally we went on our first “official” date the next night to Fleming’s Steakhouse in Weehawken. The rest is history!

how they asked

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 it was my 29th birthday. I woke up that morning to a special birthday text message from TJ wishing me a happy birthday and explaining how much I had meant to him. Little did I know it was a secret message; if I took the first letter of every sentence, it would spell out “will you marry me today.” I did not find this out until after TJ had proposed. I continued my morning routine of showering before work. When I exited the shower, I surprisingly found TJ in the living room waiting with a bunch of flowers for me. He kissed me good morning and wished me a happy birthday. While getting ready for work we discussed what we would do after I finished work at 3 P.M. We decided that we would go to NYC to grab donuts first; I guess you would call it a hobby of ours, then we would return home and go out to a nice Italian restaurant in Morristown, Guerriero’s, which is our favorite.

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As I went to get in my car to leave for work I noticed a burnt-rustic looking letter rolled up tied with twine on the dashboard of my car with a sunflower in the middle. I opened the one and half page letter and began to read it. Again little did I know, certain words of the letter were burnt out, such as girlfriend. Who knew by the end of the day I would not be his girlfriend but his fiancé? Not me!

I went to work just thinking today was another birthday. Once I got home at 3, I wanted to change in more comfortable clothes before heading to NYC. TJ questioned me by saying, “Are you really going to wear that?” Of course I insisted on being comfortable for the car ride and the walk to get donuts. The drive to the city to the Doughnut Plant on 23rd Street was a typical adventure we would take, it was nice because we were able to avoid the rush hour traffic.

As we got closer I insisted on jumping out to grab the donuts as TJ stayed in the car. He insisted in going with me for some reason. So he parked the car in the closest garage and when we got out TJ grabbed a wrapped box in a Louis Vuitton bag. I sighed and said “I thought we were not doing presents this year.” He laughed and said, “You deserve the world. The least I can do is give you a gift for you on your birthday.” We proceeded to Doughnut Plant and purchased the donuts. I was about to sit down to eat, when TJ told me to wait and to save the donuts to eat on a rooftop “Speakeasy” place he wanted to try. While we were walking to the rooftop, I began to complain about hitting traffic and asking where this place was as my feet were beginning to hurt.

Finally we arrived at building 305 on 7th Avenue and 27th Street. We proceeded into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. We arrived and exited the elevator to a bunch of offices and I questioned TJ. He seemed confident and grabbed my hand and we walked around the hallway to a back door. We opened the door and went outside where we found ourselves on a two person fire escape balcony, probably 40 stories high making me very nauseous. TJ stated, “Hmmmm… we must have made a wrong turn.” Thank god the door behind us did not close all the way and we were able to enter back into the building. He grabbed my hand and led me to another door which opened up to a secluded rooftop. I was speechless it was so beautiful; we were on top of the NYC skyline just TJ and I on a roof with a bench for us to sit and eat donuts and talk about life.

Once we finished eating TJ asked if I wanted to open my present. I said, “Of course” as I unwrapped the paper I discovered a box with pictures of us. These pictures were of all our adventures throughout our relationship and at the bottom of the box I discovered another rustic letter rapped in twine with a single rose inside.

I began to read this letter…

“I was not around to meet one of the two most meaningful people in your life, your grandmas but I hope they would approve of me. Up here, you are on top of the world and closer to them. They are looking down on you and I hope they are watching us.” Immediately my eyes filled with happy tears. At this point, I still did not understand that he was proposing but I had an overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness. I proceeded to read…“Shannon will you go to the final level with me to see the views?”

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As I looked around I realized there was a spiral stair case that would lead to another level of roof, the very top of the building. As we walked over to walk up the spiral stair case, TJ led me to the top. TJ hurried up the staircase, but it was a very tight, so as I fell a bit behind. When I reached the top, I was speechless, my heart stopped for a second as I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. There on top of the final roof in NYC was TJ standing in the middle of a heart-shape outline of sunflowers and with over 200 lit candles. TJ immediately went down on one knee and proceeded to propose. I could not stop jumping jump and down and said “Yes!” A photographer popped out from behind the chimney to capture this once in a lifetime moment.

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