Shannon and Spencer's Dallas Rooftop Proposal

Image 1 of Shannon and Spencer's Dallas Rooftop ProposalHow We Met: Spencer and I met at Grace Community Church when we were just 15. It didn’t take long before we became best friends! At the time, I lived an hour away so we spent every possible second we could together at church. After becoming so close, it was obvious to everyone around us that we were more than just friends. I couldn’t believe that at 16 I was so sure about being in love. When I met Spencer, my parents had just separated and my whole world had changed. I felt like everything was falling apart but little did I know that God was working out something beautiful in the midst of a mess.

By the time we were graduating high school we felt God calling us separate ways. I was moving to Los Angeles to do ministry and Spencer was staying in Texas to play baseball. To say we were heartbroken was an understatement. We held on to the hope that if we were meant to be together, God would make a way.

After a year in California I felt the Lord leading me back home to Texas. I was devastated and confused because living in LA was a dream come true, but I knew I had to listen. After moving home Spencer and I started talking and spending more time together. One night we went to Starbucks and talked for hours.

It was that night that I realized without a doubt in my mind that Spencer had always been the one. I knew that I was going to marry him and we would spend the rest of out lives together. From that night our relationship grew stronger and stronger for three years until the day he finally proposed…

how they asked: The trip to Dallas was all planned. We would drive up early Saturday morning, spend the morning with family, do some shopping, and then have a nice dinner before heading back to Houston. We laughed, talked, and sang all the way to Dallas and I was happy just to be spending some time with him after an extremely busy few weeks at work. After spending the day shopping and attending a service at Gateway Church, we went back to his brother’s apartment to get ready for dinner.

We pulled into downtown Dallas and parked across the street from the old post office on Ervay. We walked around the city for a few minutes and then headed up to the “restaurant.” A man waiting at the door escorted us to the elevators in the post office which were locked behind glass doors. The elevator took us to the 5th floor which opened up to a hall way. He lead us to another elevator that took us to the rooftop of the building. The elevator doors opened that there it was. String lights hung from all around, a guitarist and my sister singing our favorite song, and a little box sitting on the center of a table right in the middle of it all.

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He took my hand and walked me to the table and got down on one knee. All I could do was cry. At that moment every heartbreak, every lost dream, and every disappointment we had been through was redeemed. I knew that this was the fulfillment of God’s promise to me that He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him. There he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was the promise that God always has a plan for us and it is always good. It was the promise that He would provide and He would be glorified. It was the promise that his plans for us are better than anything we could ever imagine. It was the promise that he would restore what was broken and lost in me. It was my greatest dream come true. Spencer is my greatest dream come true and Jesus Christ is the great redeemer.

Romans 8:28

Photos by Kinsey Bates
Video by Connie Bates