Shannon and Sergio

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How We Met

We met in college at Texas State University. One of my best friends was sort of dating his best friend/roommate. It was Halloween night and his roommate invited my friend to come over and hang out, so the two of us went over to their apartment. I was dressed as an alien with paint all over my face and Chech, my now fiancé, was dressed as a construction worker. The two of us hung out on their patio and got to know each other a little bit. I gave him my phone number that night and we talked the next day. A day or two later I saw his roommate at a restaurant, the one my friend was seeing, and that’s when I realized just how fuzzy that night was for me.

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It was Halloween night, during my sophomore year of college, at approximately 2 am, so naturally, we were all trashed… and it was dark outside. When I saw his roommate at the restaurant, I realized I had forgotten what they looked like and honestly wasn’t sure if it was Chech or the guy my friend was dating haha. I eventually figured it out, hung out with Chech a few days later, and the rest is history. My friend and his roommate broke up a few months later and 7 years later here we are. I did eventually tell him about not remembering what he looked like, but not until years later when I knew he couldn’t hate me for it! He hates this story but little does he know I loved him pretty much right away. Maybe not love at first sight, but it didn’t take long after that.

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How They Asked

I always wondered where and how he would do it. I knew he would do something romantic and thoughtful but, as COVID-19 progressed, his options were becoming limited. Two days before my 26th birthday, my boss told me that an unknown celebrity was coming in on Wednesday (on my birthday) and asked if I would dress up. I was working at a wedding cake bakery in Austin so a celebrity coming in to pick up a cake tasting was very believable!

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I did as I was asked and wore a sundress instead of the leggings and t-shirts I normally wore to the bakery. I told Chech all about the unknown celebrity and we joked around all week about who it could be. Matthew McConaughey? Sandra Bullock? Scott Eastwood? Who knows! Two days later, on my birthday, my boss told me that earlier in the week she had brought a bunch of cupcakes to the ladies at the nail salon next door. In return, they said we could come in for a free manicure and pedicure! Since it was my birthday, my boss said we should go get them done now.

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I wasn’t about to turn down a free manicure and pedicure, so off we went! After the nail salon, I was back at work in my pretty sundress and freshly painted nails, waiting for Matthew McConaughey to walk through the door any minute. A while later, Chech walked through the bakery door and said, in a very cool and collected manner I might add, “Hey, I’m the celebrity, we’re going for a birthday picnic.” He smiled at my boss and told me to pack up my stuff. I was completely caught off guard. He planned the whole thing! He got permission from my boss ahead of time, picked me up from work in the middle of the day, took me to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and asked me to marry him. I’m so happy he was the mystery celebrity.

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Special Thanks

Ivan Licon
 | Photographer