Shannon and Scott

Where to Propose in Pier 701 Restaurant Piermont, NY

They had been planning for weeks. Everyone knew. My family, his family, heck even our son’s preschool teacher knew. I had absolutely no idea until about 10 seconds before he bent down on one knee. My sister Sara and my now fiance Scott had been secretly talking about the proposal for a long time. My sister was with him step by step as he was designing the ring he was going to give to me.

Sara had been complaining for a while that she never gets to go out and enjoy herself. She missed getting dolled up and enjoying a night out on the town. So when she said she was coming down for a visit, I was so excited to take her out to a beautiful place on the Hudson River to enjoy a lovely meal before we headed out for a little bar hop.

Things seemed off from the start, but I didn’t think too much of it. Looking back, there were so many signs!

We were outside on the pier and it was starting to get chilly. We were just about finished with dinner, when one of the waiters asked if we wanted dessert. I replied no, as the sooner we got into the warmth the better. He seemed a little confused and replied, “Well your boyfriend already set up to have dessert on the beach below”. I thought to myself “Of course he did.”

Once Scott got back from the bathroom the waiter escorted us down to the beach. The sun was setting and Sara said it was a great photo op. I rolled my eyes, as I really hate having my photo taken but figured what the hell. I joined Scott by the water and turned to my sister so she could take the photo. She had this look on her face like she was about to burst into tears. From the corner of my eye I could see Scott fumbling around in his pocket and then it hit me. He pulled the box out and proceeded to kneel down.

To this day, I can barely remember exactly what he said because my brain and heart were in shock and I was literally amazed by the fact that the ring box had a light in it! I tried not to seem too anxious but I blurted out “YES!” with in like 5 seconds. It was perfect, I honestly felt like we were the only people there until the crowd on the deck above began clapping and cheering.

The rest they say, is history….

Shannon's Proposal in Pier 701 Restaurant Piermont, NY