Shannon and Peter

How We Met

The universe had a way of constantly bringing Peter and I together. When I moved to Melbourne, Australia from South Africa when I was 8 years old he was in my grade 3 class. Soon my family left to move to Sydney, Australia and we lost touch, but we were brought back together 7 years later at a summer camp, where we became great friends. We were united by our many shared interests, for example, our deep love of football, but were each in long-term relationships, which meant we were never more than friends.

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Several years later, when we went through our own break-ups within a few months of each, our obvious bond and connection helped us through these tribulations and we soon realized we had fallen for each other, despite not living in the same state. We embarked on a long distance relationship for over 5 years, putting in the work and effort to support each and see each other constantly, despite the cost and difficulties. After these years together, I was finally able to move so we could be together all the time at last.

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How They Asked

I had thought Peter would propose soon, but didn’t know when, and certainly didn’t think it would be that weekend when he told me we had so many plans. Peter thought of everything – he organised with my cousin (who is a makeup artist) to do my nails and makeup so I would look my best (I thought nothing of it as I have posed for Instagram shoots for her before) and took me to a movie and dinner so I wouldn’t call my parents, whom, unbeknownst to me, were flying to Melbourne for the proposal. Then, on the way to what I thought would be a games night at a friend’s house, he stopped at his parents’ house. He took me through a side door and down a pathway lit with torches, to a courtyard set up like a tribal council from the TV show Survivor, which is another shared passion of ours – and something I podcast about and truly love to do. The courtyard was decorated with lit torches, a roaring fire, an authentic voting urn and Survivor-style pen (lovingly crafted with Papier-mâché!) and fairy lights, with a TV set up. On the TV a 10-minute video played, all Survivor themed, about our relationship, with photos and messages from my brother, who was overseas on exchange, contestants from Survivor and my podcasting co-host talking about our relationship and marriage at large. At a pause in the video, Peter got up and took the ring out of the urn to ask me to marry him. It was an immediate ‘yes’ as written on the Survivor-style parchment! Then our families came out to surprise me, having watched it all on a feed from inside the house. They had already organized a giant party, which was thrown the next day with so many people we love. Peter went through so much effort to make sure every detail was unique, personal and perfect for me and I loved every single part of it.