Shannon and Nils

Image 1 of Shannon and Nils

How We Met

When COVID first hit in March 2020, I went online to find someone to date near my university. I set my mileage radius to 30 miles and began swiping. Little did I know Nils was at Jordan’s house also swiping (if he was at his own apartment he would have fallen outside my mileage). Jordan had just started dating a Shannon and Nils being himself asked Jordan if I was the other Shannon and he superliked me when he found out I was not. Nils shot me a message and then before we knew it we were on FaceTime for 6 hours straight, making dinners together at his apartment, and talking till 5 am about everything and anything. We fit perfectly into each other’s lives and adopted a dog together.

Image 2 of Shannon and Nils

How They Asked

Two years go by, the world begins to open back up, we travel, go out on dates, and go back to working and life. We moved in together just weeks before our Alaskan cruise. Little did I know, Nils had planned to propose to me in Alaska while we were there with family. He picked out a ring and hid it above the fridge two weeks before we left and a week before we left he called my dad and asked for permission.

Image 3 of Shannon and Nils

He carried my engagement ring from New Jersey in his book bag, all over Seattle, a cruise ship, and Sitka Alaska before deciding Nugget Falls in front of Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau was the perfect spot. While I was obliviously looking at something else Nils snuck the ring into his pocket. (We hiked a trail that we didn’t even know was part of our excursion.)

Image 6 of Shannon and Nils

Finally, we ended our hike at the breathtaking waterfall where Nils asked another fellow St. Cloud MN fan to take our picture when he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. Shortly after we accidentally ran into all my family and jumped on a whale-watching boat.


Image 4 of Shannon and Nils

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