Shannon and Michael

Where to Propose in Our elementary school gym

How We Met

So Michael and I met in the first grade…really. We were in the same first-grade class and then second and then fifth. We shared classes as we moved onto middle school and high school all the while living a couple blocks from each other. Michael was the kind of boy all the girls flocked too. He was handsome and outgoing, basically exactly who every teenager dreams of dating. By high school we were members of different friend groups and our interactions were reserved to funny jokes in class and passing “Heys!” in the hallway. For years our friendship was built on “Mike’s in my English class…I guess he’s cool” and if I’m being honest at one point in our journey I found him kind of obnoxious. A class clown type always looking for a new audience. It wasn’t until after college that Michael and I connected on a deeper level. Through mutual friends, we met up one night and sparks flew. Gone was the teenager whose obnoxious attention-seeking personality made my eyes roll. What I had misunderstood as attention seeking in high school was actually a funny, compassionate, spontaneous friend whose jokes had me crying of laughter and whose “go with the flow” attitude had me abandoning some of the crippling anxiety I held onto my entire life. He brought out the absolute best in me and made me want to be the best person I could be.

how they asked

Fast forward three and a half years and I’m standing in our elementary school gym the exact place our friendship began with games of tag and wall ball and he’s on one knee asking to marry me. It was the most surreal moment of my life and I will be thankful every day that I grew up with the man of my dreams and now I will get to call him my husband.

Shannon and Michael's Engagement in Our elementary school gym