Shannon and Matthew

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How We Met

I met Matthew a little over four years ago when I started a new job as a receptionist. Matthew would always walk by my desk throughout the day and the girls I worked with noticed I would always “perk up” whenever he came around. Some weeks I would have to work the late shift and would remain in the office even after everyone had gone home for the day. One day I was working at a different desk at the front of the building, which was nowhere near his work station, and he came walking past. He stopped to talk to me for a few minutes and I could not help but stare at his hazel eyes that at the time appeared to be this yellowish-green color.

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After that day I knew I wanted to continue to get to know him. A few weeks into my new job, our company was having their annual company picnic which took place at a nearby park. Since I was new I spent most of that day with the people in my department and it wasn’t until I was about to leave that I bumped into him. I was on my way to go see a play for my birthday and when he found out that it was my birthday he said that he owed me a drink sometime. After that day he would send me cute emails here and there throughout my day and one day finally sent me his phone number. From that point on we spent most of our days talking all day and all night. Sometimes after work, we would go to a nearby park and walk around and talk for hours. We started talking in June and by August we had made it official. Who knew starting a new career would lead me to find the love of my life!

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How They Asked

One September weekend I had made plans with my best friend to head up to one of our favorite wineries. I woke up early that morning to start getting ready for the day when she texts me that she had woken up with a migraine. I was so disappointed as we were looking forward to that day all week! When I told my now fiance that she had to cancel he quickly replied with “Why don’t we go to the winery?” I was not about to question why he would so happily volunteer to go do one of my favorite fall activities so I continued to get ready for the day. Little did I know that this was all part of his plan. We drove up to Warwick only to be met with disappointment that the winery was at capacity for the day. Instead of getting discouraged, he found another place for us to go and we made a day of it.

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We ended up at a cidery that was nearby and had such a beautiful afternoon. We sat in the sun talking and just enjoying to beautiful fall views. Then he sprung it on me that we had to leave because he had a surprise for me. I first thought we were going to go to my favorite restaurant and then I thought that maybe we were going to adopt a new dog (anyone who knows me knew I was dying to get a second dog). Halfway to our destination he pulled over and gave me a blindfold to wear for the remainder of our car ride. When we finally approached our destination he gave me specific instructions to remove the blindfold quickly only once he said it was okay. He helped to get me out of the car and left me standing there for a few moments when finally he told me to remove my blindfold. I threw my blindfold to the side to see him standing there in front of our new house with a huge sign on the lawn reading, “Will Your Marry Me?” I was in complete shock!

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The next thing I hear is the shutter of a camera going off like rapid-fire and I see that a photographer is capturing every single second of one of the best days of my life. He bent down on one knee and proposed to me using one of my favorite lines from a Rocky movie and asked, “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me too much”. I was in such shock he had to ask me again and I finally yelled, “YES!”. After taking it all in we walked inside the house and out to the back patio where we were met by both of our families who were there watching this all unfold through our windows. Our back deck was decorated with engagement decorations and our dog was sporting a new bandana that said “My humans are getting married”. It was such a special day and we celebrated with our family for the rest of the night. This all happened during the pandemic and was different than what I think he had originally planned for but it could not have turned out to be a more perfect proposal.

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Special Thanks

Jonathan Izquierdo
 | Photographer