Shannon and Mark

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How We Met

We are both teachers, he teaches AP psychology and coaches softball and I am a commercial photography teacher. We were hired at the same time in 2010. We became very good friends for several years and I secretly had a crush on him. He revealed he was leaving for a head coaching position in football at another district. I was devastated and teary-eyed and confessed my crush to him. He grinned and he also at that time revealed his for me. He decided to stay and not take the job! We started dating and became very close. A few freaky things were discovered though as we got to know each other better; we were both married to our first spouses on the same day, the same year at the very same time of day. I was married in California and he was married in Alabama, on 8/5/1989. His first born’s birthdate is 1.11.91 and my first born’s birthdate is 11.1.91. We are blessed to work together doing what we love and shaping these young students into wonderful and successful people. We eat lunch together every day and share our ups and downs. We are extremely close, truly soulmates. We just purchased a home together and a former student had to point out to us that our house number, 1117 is our anniversary date, November of 2017!

how they asked

He proposed thanksgiving 2016 in Broken Bow. He asked my 2 daughters and my son, and his 2 sons for their blessing and after a unanimous consensus he popped the question with the kids (all adults) present with us in the cabin. I wouldn’t have said yes if any of the 5 kids were not on board. Family is life, family is love and now I am blessed with 2 new sons! ❤️

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