Shannon and Lucas

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Henshaw, CA

How We Met

Lucas and I met on a dating app called “Coffee Meets Bagel”. I had been trying out a few other dating apps with no luck, so one night a few girlfriends suggested I give CMB a try. Around the same time, Lucas’ good friend suggested he try CMB as well.

One day in late summer 2014, Lucas and I were matched on the app. He reached out to me first, and said “Hey! If you ever need a hiking buddy let me know!” I was instantly intrigued – he started things off clearly having read my profile and my interested. It was a casual, low-pressure kind of introduction that I was not accustomed to with online dating. Needless to say, I responded right away.

We chatted on the app for a few days, and eventually decided to exchange phone numbers. After texting back and forth for a few weeks, we finally decided to meet.

Our first date was great! The evening was filled with easy, constant chatting. I was incredibly relaxed and knew right away that this guy was different than all the other guys I had met online. Lucas was kind and patient, and clearly was more interested in spending time getting to know me before getting hot and heavy – something that I found to be completely refreshing.

how they asked

Three years ago, when we first started dating, we were out to dinner and realized that the Orionid Meteor Shower would be peaking in the early hours of the following morning. On a whim, we both decided it would be a ton of fun to go watch the Shower in our local desert, where the sky would be darkest. Lucas picked me up at 3am, and we drove out in search of the perfect viewing spot. We drove and drove and drove, and decided that we should just pull over on the side of the road since the sun would be coming up soon. We laid down and got comfortable in the cozy blankets Lucas had brought for us, and watched as the Meteors flew by like a thousand shooting stars. It was at that moment, under those stars, that I knew Lucas was more than just some guy I met online – he had potential to be The One. As the Sun rose, we realized we were on an overlook that provided gorgeous views of Lake Henshaw. We enjoyed the Sunrise, and have lovingly referred to Lake Henshaw as “Our Lake” ever since.

Fast forward three years to Saturday, November 21, 2017. Lucas woke me up at 3am. We had talked about heading out to our lake to watch the same Orionid Meteor Shower since it was once again peaking that morning. I grogily climbed into the car and we once again made the drive out to our lake on the same morning we had three years prior. We watched the meteor shower from the warmth of the car, and as the sun started to peak over the horizon, Lucas said we should get out of the car to enjoy it. He set up a camera, not an unusual thing for him, so I didn’t think much of it. Before I knew it, Lucas was on one knee in front of me, asking me to spend my life adventuring with him. In one of the happiest moments of my life, I responded with an enthiastic “Yes!”.