Shannon and Lonnie

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How We Met

Well to start, neither of us can pinpoint when exactly we met other than likely at a bar at some point. After about a year of Facebook friendship and small talk when we would see each other downtown, Lonnie messaged me on Facebook and asked if I was still in the Bozeman area – I was.

After a few days of talking through Facebook, Lonnie asked if I would be interested in going to the Town Pump gas station bar and casino to watch the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Yes, you read that right, I said gas station! I was living alone without cable or internet so why would I turn down any chance to socialize!? I went that night and the following 9 nights as the NFR is 10 straight nights. After the first couple nights, I caught on that I didn’t just say yes to hanging out but said yes to a few dates at the gas station bar.

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The following week, we were at a graduation party and a girl was hitting on him. He looked at me and said, “I don’t know why she’s hitting on me, I’m here with my girlfriend”. He paused then said, “I just said girlfriend, is that okay?” I said well I guess. It was December in Montana so a few of our real first dates included ice fishing, skijoring, snowshoeing, brewery tours, and much more!

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How They Asked

On February 22, 2019, we were visiting my mom’s side of the family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My mom passed when I was 9 years old so spending time with her family is very special. My dad and I wanted to take Lonnie on the incline up to Mt Washington where my dad proposed and where their wedding photos were taken. We park in a lower parking lot and Lonnie says “hey, can you grab my cowboy hat?” I was thinking sureeee, I’ll grab your nice hat for this walk upstairs, across an interstate and a half-mile down the road.

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(First hint) We get on the incline, go up the hill, and have about half a mile before we get to the overlook. Lonnie starts asking “so this is where your dad proposed, right”, “so this is the special spot, right?” (Second hint) We finally make it to the overlook with beautiful views of Pittsburgh where my dad proposed to my mom and Lonnie’s neck was pounding as I’ve never seen.

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(Third hint) Next thing I know he is on Facebook with his mom and asks my cousin to “get us in one shot”. Who says that while on FaceTime? (Fourth and final hint) Next thing I know Lonnie is on one knee with my dad standing there and his mom on FaceTime.It was the most memorable proposal and meant the world to my dad and me.

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