Shannon and Liz

How We Met: Shannon and I met on the last day of legislative session in 2011. I was the photographer for the Georgia General Assembly, and Shan was the team lead for a joint SWAT task force that was invited to the capitol to be honored for a hostage rescue of an 8 year old boy. Shannon, with his team, was so sexy. I tried flirting just a little but he didn’t say anything and I had work to do. I touched his arm and said “nice meeting you” on his way out and that was that!

Several weeks later I was asked to photograph a SWAT training exercise. Following the directions I was given, I walked through an empty parking lot and heard a loud voice say “you’re walking through my crime scen?” Yep, it was Shannon. I of course tried flirting with him again that day but it wasn’t until an email later that he FINALLY asked me out. We chatted via phone/text for almost two weeks and every conversation was just like we’d known each other forever. From our first date, I couldn’t wait to see him again and we’ve been together ever since!

The Proposal Story: Shannon’s proposal was so sweet and perfect. A day in the mountains, crisp cold air, a beautiful ranch horses, a brisk ride, wine and a rest by the river, and finally a one-knee proposal witnessed by great friends! One of whom happens to be a fantastic photographer. We are looking forward to our fall wedding in October –hopefully in a wide open field under a big white tent with a southern rustic flair.

Shannon is a good and true man – I feel endlessly blessed to have him and am looking forward to spending the rest of our lives and adventures together!

Photos by Nadia D. Photography