Shannon and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I have been together for 6 years (now the title really makes sense, right?). We started out as best friends. I was always sure that stories like that didn’t exist in real life, but we’re living proof. When Kyle told me he liked me, I had just gotten out of a relationship and didn’t want to ruin our friendship. He reacted like no man ever and simply said “if you just want to be friends. I want to be the best friend you’ve ever had.” He has been ever since. When I finally realized I had feelings for him… he was back in a relationship! It felt like nothing was adding up. Fast forward a few months and we were spending every waking second together – he was an aspiring rapper & I was an aspiring R&B singer. It was like we were confessing our secret feelings for each other through the music. On 11/2/12 we became boyfriend & girlfriend. It was not an easy road.

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We went through living in different countries, family crisis (on both sides), sickness, moving, literally everything the world could throw at us. We “broke up” twice – but never went a full day in the past 6 years without talking. We’ve made it through just about everything a couple can (including releasing an album together) and it’s crazy to believe we both ended up in Nashville (from Boston and Philadelphia) working in the music industry to now being engaged, living together, with our adorable dog, Bailey.

The point of this whole thing is that my entire life I believed everything happens for a reason. That you can’t change fate and what’s meant to be… will. I’ve been called naive for being that way all my life, but I have proof it’s all true. Kyle is my dream I never thought would come true. The prince that everyone says doesn’t exist in movies. Not because he’s perfect, but he’s perfect for me. Our story isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for us & through everything we’ve hurdled together, we’ve grown as a couple.

I just think it’s important for couples to know that diamonds are made from pressure and that if you follow your heart, you really will end up exactly where you wanted to.

How They Asked

We woke up on Saturday morning and Kyle usually is working on the road on Saturdays but this was actually one where he was going to be home! We had a date day planned. We went to downtown Franklin for breakfast at Puckett’s – it was so romantic. Side note: he was also so stressed about his new haircut looking good and I was really confused because he’s never that “high maintenance” – I found out why later. We stopped at the Franklin Farmer’s Market at the Factory in Franklin and he said he was looking for something specific. We walked around for a bit and I saw a table of beautiful flower arrangements. We bargained with the kid selling them for a vase of baby sunflowers and bright colored flowers that were so beautiful.

We started walking back to the car and I asked what we originally came there for – he said it was the flowers and my heart melted. We started driving again-back towards our house in Bellevue this time. He said the guys on the road always talk about this place called Natchez Trace Parkway and we had never been before. We were taking all kinds of turns and ended up in this parking lot by some beautiful trails and a huge bridge.

Shannon's Proposal in Nashville, TN

He asked if I wanted to take a walk and I wanted to laugh because I thought for sure people biking and jogging by would make fun of the girl in the maxi dress walking down the trail, but I’d follow him anywhere. He took his inhaler so many times that day I was getting worried! He went back to the truck for one more “puff” of it, but I learned later it was to get the ring. We started walking over the bridge and suddenly the world unfolded before us and I turned around to see him on one knee. It was so romantic and the best day of our lives.

Special Thanks

Edgar Evan
 | Photographer