Shannon and Karan

Shannon's Proposal in New York

How We Met

Our love story began 4 years ago online – yes! I met Karan through online dating and we both swiped right ;-). I remember I kept receiving his messages through the app, but secretly I was enjoying his messages. We ended up exchanging numbers and began texting day and night. I remember one of our first conversations started out discussing world cup soccer. We were both amazed to see how much we had in common. Karan had to fly to India for his cousin’s wedding for 3 weeks, but we stayed in touch and continued talking for a while before we actually met. I enjoyed our conversations, and even though there was an 8 hours difference in time, he loved waking me up with a good morning text. When he came back, we were both excited and eager to meet. I recommended one of my favorite bars that had outdoor live music, and the ambiance was just perfect, but Karan wanted to sit upstairs, less of a crowd and not too noisy so that his attention could be all on me, of course :). We went for a few rounds of wine and wings, learning about each other’s families, career aspirations, different hobbies, and political leanings. I never felt so comfortable chatting along and talking about different life goals with him. It felt just beautiful! I remember, right after dinner we decided to go for a walk, and it was breezy and cold, and he offered to put his jacket on me. And I thought to myself “my oh my is he just trying to be “cute” oh what! A charmer he is, but certainly quite a gentlemen!

After our first date, we ended up having more dates, from wine train, to going on long drives and hikes he has been my best traveling partner. And now I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life journey with my best friend, my love Karan. I love you baby through thick and thin like you’ve always said from the start!!!and here we are finally ENGAGED!!!

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How They Asked

Karan: I had been planning the proposal for months, first was to secretly get the right ring size without letting her know I was getting the ring a few months before the proposal. I concocted the best idea, ask her for the promise ring I had given her years ago to get it resized to her actual ring finger, smart right? Well, it worked, I was able to get the promise ring back and secretly confirm the ring size that would eventually go on to fit the ring on the beautiful day of our proposal.

Ring was secured, and more beautiful than I had imagined. I only showed the ring to one person before our proposal, and that was to my mom. I wanted to let her in on the plan, and she was so excited and blown away by seeing her son so happy and ready to start the next journey in his life.

Our bags were finally packed, we were on our way to New York City to celebrate Shannon’s birthday. I had secretly kept the ring with me all through the trip to NYC. Of course didn’t plan to propose on her birthday, as I wanted her birthday to be happy and celebrated on its own dedicated day. But she had no clue what was about to happen the day after…We celebrated her birthday in NYC, together exploring the big city and having one of the best times of our lives together. My only intention on her birthday was to make it as fun and special as possible and like to think I was able to achieve that goal.

I woke up the next day with joy, it was “THE” day. Through our entire NYC trip, I had been keeping the ring safe in my backpack tucked in the back of our hotel room closet, and constantly checking on it secretly to first confirm it’s safe, and secondly, just admire its beauty and meaning. We got ready together, as we had planned to go and visit the 9/11 Memorial in the morning and then make our way to the Rockefeller Center viewing the gallery on the roof in the afternoon. I tried to be as cool as I could and hold in my excitement so as not to reveal anything.

We first arrived to the 9/11 Memorial, and boy was it heartbreaking and emotional walking through the museum. I thought about how important loved ones and family is as we walked through it for the next few hours. For some reason, walking through the memorial gave me more clarity and strength in realizing how important Shannon is to me, and how I don’t want to be without her, she was family. I was more confident than ever in what was about to happen next…

So we finally arrived at the Rockefeller Center where we were about to go up to the viewing deck. The cab ride over was just filled with excitement within like I couldn’t have ever imagined. We got into the building and immediately noticed there was a metal detector. The detector would have picked up on the ring in my jacket and I didn’t want to risk having to get frisked and show the ring before the proposal, so I put my jacket through the x-ray with the ring inside, problem solved. On the other side of the metal detector I put on my jacket, check that the ring was safe and was ready to head up…until I hear, “Sir, sir…” and I turned around nervously thinking that they wanted to see the jacket again. I turn around and the kind old woman at the x-ray machine says, “Have a good time!” with a wink to indicate she knew what I was about to do. I was so relieved and happy, Shannon heard her and yelled out “thank you!!” without any inkling as to what she was hinting at.

As the elevator climbed each story, my excitement kept building and building. We were at the top finally, and it was minutes away. I kept looking at Shannon and just seeing her unbounded happiness, she was so lovely. We exited in the cold rooftop and went to the side that had a few people, and I asked her if we could go to the other side with the better view, she obliged happily (cluelessly).

The time had come, I asked a random stranger on the rooftop if he could take our picture, and tried to whisper to him that I was about to propose. Bless his soul, he was not able to understand me as I must have been whispering too low, I said never-mind and just asked him to take a picture.

As soon as he was ready, I asked to wait…and dropped to my knees. I looked up, and all I could remember and she was her now. The crowd of 30 or so people had gathered around in excitement, but I could only see her. I was so excited that I didn’t know what I was saying at the moment, I’m pretty sure I asked her to make me the happiest…and coldest…man in the world. Note, that it was about 5 °F with the wind blowing, so my mind was fixated on her and the blistering cold. I just looked up and saw that she was just shocked and telling me to get up, I would not and just waited for her to answer. What felt like an eternity, was merely 15 seconds, but the moment felt timeless and full of joy and happiness as she YES!!

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Shannon: I was so surprised, I always imagined him proposing me in a quiet intimate place where there would be no one around. But It was actually shocking to see him go down on one knee in public. It felt just amazing.I bawled my eyes out seeing him down on one knee. It was a feeling I had never felt before. I was so giddy and so much in joy, that I couldn’t stop smiling.

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Karan: There we were, I put the ring on her finger with the biggest smile on my face, and she was literally speechless at first, then once she realized what had happened I saw tears of joy in her face and I could not have imagined it any better.

Shannon: And as in this picture you can see I was amazed by his choice of taste! The ring is gorgeous! I couldn’t stop gazing at it!

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Karan: We kissed, hugged, and listened to the applause from the crowd that had gathered around. All I could think of was I am going to marry my best friend, my partner in crime, my soul-mate that’s been there through thick and thin.

Shannon: Later that evening we toasted champagne in the name of beginning our life journey together, we shared tears of joy, laughter, and love. I am so grateful of all the planning and effort he had put through to make this journey a beautiful one, through thick and thin my love. He told me the ring was engraved, it says, “Through thick and thin”

Karan: February 1st, 2019- “the day I will never forget, the day I will always recount with Shannon as we get old together” Love you.

And He made me the happiest girl!

He put a Rock on top of the Rock :)

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