Shannon and Judson

How We Met

Judson & Shannon have known each other from the beginning of each other’s time (Elementary School days). Judson remembers Shannon as the beautiful tan girl with her long black hair fluttering through the hallways of West Side Elementary. He tried talking to her at school but it usually resulted in a bright red face and a nervous breakdown so he turned to write her little letters because that was the only way he could express himself to her at the time. High School began and they went separate ways but they never let that become a reason to forget about each other. Shannon moved to Florida for the remainder of her high school and college days. Although, they parted ways and had some growing up to do… luckily fate brought them back together. Initially, Judson reached out to Shannon and soon enough things picked up exactly where they left off, with love letters. After months and months of exchanging mail, text messages, and smiles, Shannon took the biggest risk of her life. She left everything behind and moved back to her hometown to be with Judson. From that moment forward things weren’t exactly picture-perfect as you would think. They always supported each other but most importantly they grew together. After a few puppies and exotic vacations, Judson got on his knee and told Shannon that for the rest of his life she is the only one he wants to do forever with and presented her a ring. She said “yes”

Shannon and Judson's Engagement in Aruba, Renaissance Private Island

How They Asked

The day after the fourth of July (this year 2019) on July 5th he asked if we wanted to catch the sunrise and get breakfast & I, of course, was like “Sure”! & we did what we did the past two mornings which we took a ferry/boat over to this private Island that if you stayed at the Renaissance hotel you were able to go for free – so of course we took advantage of this every day we stayed at the hotel! Little did I know, apart of our ferry ride (a hidden photographer in secrecy) was on board and was able to catch this beautiful moment of Judson getting down on his knee and asking me to marry him in front of baby flamingos – I still feel like someone needs to pinch me and say that it really happened and not a fairy tale! I knew I always wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but how could I have ever said no in such a beautiful way that he asked me!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Aruba, Renaissance Private Island

It was beyond words could describe and “the picture-perfect” moment that the photographer was able to capture. Keep in mind… I think the photographer was experienced in engagement shoots in Aruba – you can’t fake a moment like this! Truly magical.

Special Thanks

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