Shannon and Joe

Image 1 of Shannon and Joe

How We Met

We have both been volunteer firefighters together for the past 8 years.

How They Asked

My now-fiancé told me that we were meeting his parents for dinner at a fancy restaurant at 5:30. While on our way there, he said to me “I knew you’d be late – as usual – so I told you 5:30, but dinner isn’t really until 6”. I was honestly impressed with his tactic, because I am definitely known for being fashionably late. Since we were “early for dinner”, he asked if I wanted to stop and see some waterfalls that were down the road from the restaurant. After 5 minutes of complaining to him about having to navigate the rocky terrain in heels and a dress, we finally arrived to a large rock overlooking the water falls, which was decorated with rose pedals and candles. Before I could even process everything, he was down on one knee.