Shannon and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met 9 years ago down in San Diego. We both got hired at Pacific Beach Ale House during its opening summer and little did we know that during that summer we would be making lifetime friends and starting a relationship that was going to last a lifetime. We were living it up at the beach, going to college and making our money on the weekends at the hottest bar in town. I had my eyes on Jared for a while, so one night while work was coming to an end, I saw that he had ordered a pizza to go for himself. Before he left, I wrote my number on the inside of the pizza box for him to see when he got home. We dated on and off for the next few summers, until work brought Jared up to San Francisco. Ill never forget that feeling with he left. I was heart broken, but yet I knew we would be together again. A year later we took a trip to Las Vegas and he asked me to move up with him. I dropped everything I was doing in SD at the time and moved up. It was the best decision of my life. A year after I moved to SF, Jared popped the question and not to our surprised we celebrated with pizza that night!!

how they asked

Jared and I woke up on Sunday morning and had plans to head to brunch and take the dogs to the beach. Of course the ONE brunch spot that I wanted to go to had a line out the door and over a 2 hour wait, so we decided to hop over to the next door tavern to enjoy some mimosas. After brunch, we headed back to the house to grab the dogs when meanwhile Jared decided it would be a good idea to chop up some of the ice in the ice machine and proceeded to cut his finger open. It wasn’t just a normal cut, we are talking gushing blood in the kitchen sink. Once we wrapped up his finger we sat down on the couch and of course turned on some ESPN. The San Francisco whether rolled in with gray clouds and misty winds and I turned to Jared and said it probably wasn’t the best idea to take the dogs down to the beach anymore. But he was determined!

So we grabbed our jackets and dog leashes and headed down. We thought the beach would be pretty empty but to our surprise it was not. We headed over to the quieter part of the beach and began throwing the ball to our dog Kane. I liked the way the bridge looked with the fog in the back ground, so I asked Jared to take some pictures of me and Kane. When he had me in circles trying to get the best picture I turned to him and to my surprise he was DOWN ON ONE KNEE with the prettiest ring I had ever seen in one hand and his phone recording me on the other.

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I stopped in sheer shock and could not believe it!!! He was proposing!!!! Ahhh!!!!!! When I heard the crowds start to cheer I looked up to the beach and saw his brother Mason there recording the whole thing! We popped open a bottle of champagne that he brought along with him in his backpack and cheers’d to the future. It was perfect, with his wrapped cut finger, cold whether and all : ) I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!!

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