Shannon and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and Shannon met their sophomore year at LSU during Mardi Gras. Shannon had seen Grant around before, I mean at 6′ 10″ he definitely stands out and knew she had to introduce herself. The romantic place she envisioned for this introduction wasn’t necessarily the Popeyes on St. Charles in New Orleans, but that’s where it happened. With a confidence boost from a friend, she marched up to him and gave him her number. Unfortunately, the wrong number was saved in Grant’s phone. However, lucky for these two, fate was on their side as Grant’s fraternity and Shannon’s sorority had been paired together for a dance competition that same month and Shannon was able to remedy the mistake. A year and a half later, at the beginning of their senior year, Grant and Shannon decided to commit to a romantic relationship. Eight months of long-distance, three different cities, the addition of an adorable beagle named Gus, and 5 years later, Grant decided it was time to make an even bigger commitment.

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how they asked

Shannon might be a little weary about how good her friends are at lying to her, but it was all worth it for the most amazing day of her and Grant’s life. A month before the proposal, one of Shannon’s friends from college, Lauren, invited her and Grant to come to Dallas for a fun bus trip with friends to a casino in Oklahoma. Spoiler Alert: This was never the plan. Since Shannon’s family also resides in Dallas, she jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with her friends and family. The week before they were supposed to go to Dallas, Shannon became ill with a viral infection and wasn’t sure she was going to make the trip, but Grant was very insistent that they still go and now Shannon knows why.

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Lauren had been sending Shannon a bunch of texts leading up to the weekend with all of the details for the event and even asked for Venmo payment for her portion of the bus rental. So, when Grant drove Shannon to the address the “bus was picking all of us up at,” she thought nothing of it. That was until she saw the gazebo in the middle of the park that had sunflowers (her favorite flower) and framed pictures of them on the steps leading to the top.

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Shannon then squeezed Grant’s hand, muttered a cracked “Grant…” and happy tears began to stream down her face. Admittedly, Shannon has no clue what Grant said from the moment she saw the flowers to the moment they were at the top of the Gazebo steps. The next thing she remembers is Grant on a knee in front of her saying “Shannon Alexandra Cantlay, will you marry me?” She immediately said yes, moved the promise ring Grant had given her a few years ago to her other hand, put on that beautiful new rock, and hugged her fiancé.

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In the midst of all of the excitement, Shannon hears the clicking of photos being taken and thinks “oh wow, Grant did good, he got someone to capture this beautiful moment.” Well, it turns out, he did REAL good, as the person taking the pictures was one of Shannon’s best friends from college (who is also a professional photographer), who drove through the night from Louisiana to be there for this moment. After a few pictures were snapped, Grant informed Shannon he had booked a room at the historic Adolphus Hotel for the night and after they checked-in, he revealed he had one more surprise.

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Grant had reserved space at a brewery in downtown Dallas where all of their family and friends were waiting to celebrate with them. People had flown or drove in from Louisiana, Houston, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Austin, Arkansas and Dallas to be there. There was beer, Popeyes, balloons, cupcakes, and all of their favorite people. It was a night they wish they could relive over and over again and is a feeling they will try to emulate on their wedding day.

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Special Thanks

Ashley Amoss
 | Photographer