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How We Met

I was 19 when I met Dustin and had just started my college cheerleading career. At the time, I had promised I would never date a cheerleader.. little did I know I would end up marrying one! Dustin, my now fiancé, was best friends with my current stunt partner and made a statement to him that he would marry me one day… before he ever met me.

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how they asked

Dustin and I have been together for over 5 years and have been getting the “when are you getting engaged” question forever! To us, we knew we would be together forever so there wasn’t any rush… Dustin wanted it to be perfect, and so did I! For years we have traveled with cheerleading, both coaching and being athletes. So, a year ago when we were going to Paris to visit and help a team, we weren’t prepared for the connection we would have with such a special group of people! Paris cheer stole our hearts! No longer was Paris a place we wanted to visit, but it was a place we consider as one of our homes. This summer, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend two months with our favorite group of people in our favorite city!

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A week into our stay, a banquet was planned for the Paris cheer team! I was ecstatic to be a part of this, and even helped pick the design and awards for certificates /trophies to be given! The location of the banquet was at the Eiffel Tower. On the day of the banquet, I got ready and put on my favorite dress because the last time I was here I didn’t get any good pictures with Dustin, and I thought this was a perfect time to take advantage of being dressed up in Paris! After setting up a beautiful picnic with loads of macarons, cheese, baguettes, and everything delicious, it was time to give out the awards to the athletes. Dustin and I, along with the main coaches took center stage to hand out the certificates first. We went through them all and my heart was full knowing how deserving each athlete was to be recognized, but I was more excited for the main award (the trophy) to be presented!

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When it was time to present the final award, the coach passed Dustin the trophy box. A little confused as to why he was the one speaking on behalf of the athlete receiving the award, I started coming up with my own speech assuming I would have to talk also! After the intro on Dustin speaking about how talented this recipient was, the speech took a turn I wasn’t expecting… “this goes to someone I want to spend the rest of my life with” … My heart dropped, eyes when straight to the trophy box trying to process whether what I thought was now happening was real, and Dustin opened the box to reveal what it was actually holding.. the box I’ve been dreaming about! My fairytale was happening right in front of my eyes and Dustin was down on one knee! I without a doubt said yes in front of my favorite people, in the city that holds our hearts! The banquet was all a facade to make sure I was dressed up and my nails where done! The surprise was better than anything I could have dreamed up and I am blessed to be traveling with my Fiancé!

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Special Thanks

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