Shannon and Dillon

Shannon's Proposal in Fox Theatre, Detroit, Mi

How We Met

Dillon and I met through mutual friends during our senior year at Indiana University. We had all met up one night at the start of the semester and were going out for drinks at a Bloomington staple: Kilroy’s. As we walked from the house to the bar, we got to talking and we really hit it off. After several Starbucks dates, long walks on campus, and bonding over our preferred brand of protein powder, we became “official” in January of 2014. It’s now been five wonderful years, and we thank God that the stars aligned for us to meet one another!

How They Asked

Dillon had asked me if I wanted to go to a brunch that his work was having in downtown Detroit. He said that one of his coworkers had an in with the Fox Theatre and that we could take advantage of a private tour backstage if we wanted to. Dillon knew that I have always loved the stage; I was a professional dancer, did musical theatre, and won a bodybuilding show, so it has always felt like home. I, of course, said yes to the tour, and was excited to meet some of his co-workers afterward. Little did I know what the actual plan was. When we showed up at the theatre we were the only ones there for the tour! We got our own private tour of the spectacular Fox Theatre, and while the tour guide was distracting me at center stage, Dillon kneeled down behind me and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer.

The answer, of course, was yes! Meanwhile, he had arranged for a friend to hide behind the curtains to take photos of us. This was very special for me, and Dillon knew how important it was to have some photos to share with our family and friends because most are out of town. But there was still more to come! For the last few months, Dillon had been putting together a montage of friends and family saying their congratulations. His friend taking the photos brought out his laptop and we watched a beautiful 10-minute video of our close family and friends sending their good wishes. We then headed to brunch (just the two of us though because the whole brunch idea for work was all made up!) and had a beautiful rest of the day celebrating our love.

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