Shannon and Derek

How We Met

We met in college at UNC-Charlotte. We were working for the Housing and Maintenance department on campus. Both of our roommates worked there as well.

When we first met, Derek and I were just friends. We ended up hanging out a lot together with our roommates. I never thought that we would end up meaning so much to each other. It really just happened. We went from hanging out with everyone to hanging out alone. Then all of a sudden we were in love.

how they asked

Derek and I had been talking about going to the hot air balloon festival for a couple years but never ended up going. This year we decided we were going to go no matter what. The day we went was a little windy so they didn’t have all the balloon activities during the day. We walked around and seen all the vendors. Spent some time in the beer and wine garden, enjoying having a day with each other. The plan was for the balloons to fly out at 5:30. We went and sat near where they were blowing the balloons up. While we were sitting Derek all of a sudden said I’ll be back. I had no clue where he was going and was reading the pamphlet on all the balloons. Next thing I know Derek is pulling me out of my chair and down on one knee!

Shannon's Proposal in Carolina BalloonFest

He had gone to ask a group of people to record the proposal on his phone. Turns out there was a photographer with them and he had his camera! He was able to capture one of the most special moments of our life. It was the most perfect day.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Carolina BalloonFest