Shannon and David

how we met

The first time I saw him, I was at his house in Steilacoom for the 4th of July. I was there because of a friend of a friend invited me to his annual house party . I knew he was the host so I made it a point to say hello and thank him. We talked about his view from the house and cookies his mom made. That was about it but little did I know that he thought I was cute.

Two weeks later we ran into each other by “mistake” at a baseball game in Seattle. He was walking with a cane due to an injury and I was wearing a Padres shirt. He asked for my number to invite me to an event later on in the month and we went our separate ways. I was certain this would just be another random friendship. He tried to find me on Facebook but I didn’t have one. He then decided to send me a text properly introducing himself and his love for Christ. He wanted to know if I shared similar interest. I followed suit with a long text and picture explaining who I was. The rest of the story involves a broken car, four hour long conversation, a mission trip, and college group! From there the story continued and we slowly fell in love.

how they asked

The day that I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me wasn’t an ordinary day because this was also my actual birthday. So for my birthday I decided to throw a halloween/fall theemed party and invited a house full of friends over. I have always enjoyed surprising Shannon and my birthday was the perfect cover-up for my proposal! I decided that during the party we would have a pumpkin carving contest. Anyone that wants to take part brings a pumpkin, Shannon and I picked ours out the day before.

The morning of my birthday arrived, I got up early and got to work. I took our pumpkin and cut a out a hole in the bottom large enough for my hand to fit through and cleaned it out. After cleaning it out I took an i-hook and screwed it into the top of the pumpkin. I added a bit of orange ribbon and the ring in a jewelry bag below the hook. To finish up I super glued the bottom of the pumpkin back in and placed it back on the front step. My plan was in motion! Everyone showed up for the party and only a few knew what was about to transpire. It was time, the carving contest had started and the weather was beautiful as we were looking at the Puget Sound in the background.

She started cutting into the pumpkin and my heart started to race! I helped her a little but made sure she got the final cut. She went to pull off the lid expecting to find a slimy mess but what she recovered was quite contrary. As Shannon gazed upon the jewerly bag she was totally surprised! I jumped up up on to the table so that all the guests could see me as I dropped my knee and popped the question.

“Shannon, will you marry me?!?” She was literally speechless, smiling, laughing (tripping over a toddler, laughing and smiling some more.) Her reply was a head nod to which there was much cheering and applause! That was It, God was good and my plan had worked, the now engagement party rolled on.

Special Thanks

Chris Klas Photo
 | photographer