Shannon and Chris's Gondala Proposal in Venice

When Shannon bought her childhood home from her parents, she discovered my title company and it’s real estate services came in handy. After my boss and her mother conspired, I asked Shannon out and we went to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. A golf tournament and several dinners later we began to date and knew that our sorted pasts had brought us together for some unknown reason.

Shannon loves cruises! She had been on 18 or 19 cruises prior to us getting together. We took that particular cruise because it was a great way to see bits of Europe and the Mediterranean, without having to know the roads and travel in a bit of luxury.

Gondala Proposal in Venice Andrea_Kuehnis_Photography-24

Andrea_Kuehnis_Photography-27 Andrea_Kuehnis_Photography-28 Andrea_Kuehnis_Photography-29 Gondala Proposal in Venice Gondala Proposal in Venice Gondala Proposal in Venice

Photos by Andrea Kuehnis Photography