Shannon and Brett

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How We Met

Brett and I have been inseparable ever since our Freshman year of college. I met him at a mutual friend’s house just two months into our first semester at Arizona State University. He was wearing a head-to-toe maroon tracksuit ensemble and somehow that managed to win me over! That same night, Brett told me he was going to marry me, and even wrote it down on a calendar to solidify it. A few weeks later, I learned that the maroon outfit choice was simply because he just got out of baseball practice and that he was a pitcher for the Sun Devils.

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how they asked

Fast forward five years, four states, and one MLB draft later, Brett and I finally settled down in Miami, FL. Within our first week as Floridians, my family planned a trip down to enjoy a long weekend in our new home. One night my mom put together a little family photo shoot, and we were all supposed to meet at the beach before dinner. In typical fashion my entire family was late, and the photographer asked Brett and me, to just start without them. We were having fun on the beach being silly and enjoying the moment when all of a sudden Brett turned to me and started telling me how much he loved me. Before I knew it he was asking me to marry him and I was in complete shock!!

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As soon as I said yes, my family, as well as all of Brett’s family, came running out from the boardwalk behind us to wish us congratulations! He managed to coordinate both of our families to be there without giving away a single clue. We got to enjoy the rest of the weekend together filled with love, laughs, and way too much champagne.

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Brett and I knew we weren’t going to get our proposal photos back for a few days, so the morning after our engagement we had a selfie photo shoot on our hotel balcony in fuzzy robes to announce the good news on social media. Since we are such a laid back couple this was the perfect way for us to share some pictures with our friends and show off my new accessory!

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