Shannon and Bradon

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how we met – by Bradon

We met in the afternoon at our University’s library, at BYU. I walked into the library and started looking for an open chair at a table. The first table I saw had one open spot, and as I walked toward it, I saw the girl in the next chair over quickly glance up at me. I knew right then that it was right next to her that I wanna to sit, her beauty overthrew me. I walked up and asked her if I could sit there, she said yes, the first of a few yes’s she’d later give me at that table. I only had a few minutes because a buddy was going to meet me and we were going to leave back to our apartment. As I sat there, I tried so hard to think of something to say to strike up conversation that wouldn’t sound really stupid. My heart was almost aching because I knew I only had a few more minutes before I would have to leave and there was no way I could let that opportunity slip through my fingers. My anxiety was high and finally a had a break. A young lady doing a survey for one of her classes came over and asked if all of us at the table would participate. We both said yes and took a couple seconds to fill it out, the young lady then offered us a starburst for helping her out, Shannon, my now fiancé, asked what flavor she should get. I told her to get the pink one, because pink is the best, but what I hadn’t noticed was that it was a tropical fruit one and wasn’t the original. Shannon noticed this and knowing that the pink one would’ve been a flavor she didn’t like got a different color than pink. I thought at that moment she was putting me in my place and letting me know she wasn’t interested in my opinion, and even less interested in me. But I didn’t give up quite yet, I was able to strike up conversation about the survey, but it was very short. I gathered from our small conversation that she seemed like such a nice person with an amazing smile! When my buddy came to get me, I still hadn’t gotten her number! I knew we hadn’t talked very much, but I HAD to ask for her number. So, as I packed my things I asked her if I could have her number and maybe hang out sometime. She paused for a moment, what felt like an hour to me! And then said yes and gave me her number. I was ecstatic, I had just gotten the phone number of the most beautiful woman in the world!

how they asked – by shannon

It had been a wonderful day, his family had come into town and the eventful day ended with a dinner outing with everyone. The day was coming to an end as night had fallen, Bradon asked me if I could drop him off at the hotel so he could speak with his sister about some problems she was having. I really didn’t want to part ways, but he was so insistent that I go home on my own. I returned home to sit around and kill time talking to one of my roommates. Funny enough in that conversation I told my roommate I thought it would be a few more weeks until Bradon would propose to me. I heard a rapid knock at the door and I had hoped more than anything it was Bradon. I looked through the peephole and saw no one. I opened the door to a single rose, a Reese’s, and a note. I died a little inside as I thought of our first date when he arrived at my door with Reese’s. The note asked if I would be going to the rugby game with him–this was our third date. I grabbed my keys and ran to my car and drove to the rugby fields where I found his brother and sister in law waiting with another note, another rose, and the keys to his apartment. This note read “Will you be my girlfriend?”

At this point I knew exactly what was happening. I ran back to my car and drove to his apartment. I couldn’t stand and wait for the elevator so I carried my heels and ran the four flights of stairs. Taped to his door was another note and another rose. The note read “will you meet me where we first met?”. still carrying my heels I ran back down the stairs and to my car, then headed to campus to the library. I made my way into the library and to the very table we met at on the main level. Siting right where I sat that wonderful day was a picture of the LDS temple I drew for him where we planned on getting married and several more roses. I was hit by the memories made there. I thought of myself sitting there all by myself that day, completely unaware that at any moment the man I would marry would pull out that chair and ask to sit by me.

Bradon emerged from the background and I froze. It was the most handsome sight I had seen in my life. I don’t know that I will ever forget him standing there next to that same chair he sat in, with that same smile that stole my heart the first time. He asked if I would dance with him, its one of my favorite things to do with him. After some time he stepped back and from his pocket pulled a few Starbursts–our first conversation ever was over starbursts. On one of the wrappers he had written, “Will you marry me?”

He knelt down and opened the box, I honestly thought my knees would give out. Of course I said yes. I said yes to the man of my dreams, to the best thing that had ever happened to me, I said yes to my best friend. And it will forever be the best decision I will ever make.

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