Shannon and Bobby

How We Met

Bobby and I knew of each other. We lived a town over from one another. Only a year apart. A random NYE he facebook messaged me joking about a post he commented on about being engaged!!! HOW AWESOME! Now we really are engaged!

How They Asked

Bobby and I decided to go see the Radio City Rockettes in NYC as our Christmas gift to each other instead of material gifts. He insisted we dress real “fancy” for the show. Afterwards we grabbed burritos- Mexican food is our FAV! Then he wanted to take me over by St Patrick’s Cathedral, he said he worked on it with his job so okay cool great. We’re walking towards the building, getting real close and he lets out a huge exhale… I’m like “wow you’re really full like me huh” … little did I know the greatest moment of my life was about to happen! We walked up the stairs to go into the church and I hear a violin start to play our song, Perfect by Ed Sheeran. He pulled me close and spilled his heart out to me. As he got down on 1 knee I heard screaming and cheering from behind me- IT WAS ALL OF OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS!! I was shaking and crying💕 He truly made my dreams come true! It was everything I ever imagined!

Shannon's Proposal in St patricks cathedral

Special Thanks

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