Shannon and Austin

Image 1 of Shannon and Austin

How We Met

Through very silly friends who were less helpful at helping us flirt than they thought!

How They Asked

You have to understand that I love penguins. A lot. I frequently tell Austin that he is my penguin. And male penguins, when they mate, find the nicest, shiniest pebble they can find and offer it to their desired mate. If she accepts, then they are penguin mates for life. So Austin planned a whole day for us – we saw Spamalot, went to dinner at our favorite Italian place and then he said we should go see the Zoo Lights event at Lincoln Park Zoo. We of course immediately went to see the penguins. I had a feeling something was up, but due to the crowds, Austin didn’t pop the question right there. We left the penguins after a while and walked to a pretty dock overlooking the water and then I turned around and he was on one knee and he asked if I would be his penguin for life. I immediately agreed and I now have the shiny pebble to prove it! I guess this means that by penguin law we are already married, but we’re still planning a wedding. ;)