Shannon and Austen

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How We Met

We met at the beginning of my Junior year at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. This is where I met Austen through our mutual friends (+ we were actually technically neighbors too). We were JUST friends and I didn’t have some magical “love at first sight” kind of thing, I actually thought, “Who in their right mind would date this guy?” (LOL– don’t worry, much has changed).

Fast forward – by this time it was the end of 2015, I was newly single and Austen was inviting me to concerts and dinner – I usually declined but I gave it a few months and finally gave the guy a chance. LOW AND BEHOLD, we finally started dating early March 2016. What can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants and he’s been my best friend ever since.

How They Asked

Truth be told I was kind of suspicious this year going on our annual beach trip to Ocean Isle Beach that it might happen. I thought maybe, maybe not, but I didn’t want to dwell on it. I wasn’t positively sure, but it was definitely a thought that it could finally happen. My mom and stepdad even flew in and joined us on vacation this year along with his mom, dad, sister, and her boyfriend. Every year we do beach photos with his family, so I didn’t think anything too much about this aside from the fact we had a professional photographer this year… hmmm.

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We started with group photos then broke out into individuals and couples. Austen and I were up, as we were getting into place, he popped the question, I instantly broke into uncontrollable tears as he explained the significance of the diamonds in my ring that belonged to his grandmom and his mom.

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Image 4 of Shannon and Austen

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