Shannon and Alex

Proposal Ideas Seattle

How We Met

We met our first semester attending Louisiana State University in 2008. We were both in other relationships at the time, but we remained friends throughout college. I graduated in May and Alex stayed for one more semester (for another football season, he says ?). I went down for the LSU v Alabama game that Fall and we immediately reconnected. It didn’t even take a weekend before we were completely head over heels for each other. Who knew he was right there the whole time! *I had to dig to find these old pictures :)

Shannon and Alex's Engagement in Seattle

how they asked

For Christmas last year, Alex surprised me with plane tickets to Seattle for Memorial Day weekend. I’m originally from the area and have family and friends there. I was so excited because I hadn’t been back in a few years and he knows how special it is to me! We spent the first day bouncing around the city doing all of the tourist things and had a blast! The next day, we had a brunch reservation at a cute Cajun restaurant downtown. He wanted to swing by Kerry Park for coffee before because it has a stunning view of the Seattle skyline. We were standing there looking at the view, drinking our coffee and the next thing I know, he is down on one knee asking me to be his wife!!

He also found the sweetest photographer, Anna, to capture the moment and take some pictures after!

To top that off, because it wasn’t already the best day, we walk into the restaurant and both of our families had flown in from Texas to celebrate with us! I LOST it (as you can see in the pictures). Even my Grandparents came in from Arizona! There was one more surprise the next day… an engagement party with my extended family and our close family friends from the area. Needless to say, it was a perfect weekend filled with the best memories!!

Special Thanks

Anna Simonak
 | Photographer