Shannon and Adam

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How We Met

Adam & I met in high school. We were never friends or anything, just two people who thought the other was attractive. Lol! He is a year older than me (he was a junior & I was a sophomore), so he had off campus lunch privileges before I did. But that didn’t matter because his best friend Austin and him decided to sneak my friend Karlie & I off for lunch one day and take us to frozen yogurt. Adam claims it was love at first sight for him… but I didn’t catch on to those feelings at all because a few days after frozen yogurt, I didn’t really want anything else to do with him! (So mean huh?!) Years later, I had just graduated from high school and started going to the gym! Karlie & I had a gym date together and as we were pulling into the driveway she said, “Oh look! Adam & Austin are here!..”. (Keep in mind that Karlie & Austin had been dating for about 6 months at this time. They are still dating/currently engaged!!) My first thought was, ‘omg she totally set this up didn’t she…’. We got inside, walked over to Adam & Austin so that Karlie could say hi, and Adam immediately started flirting with me!! I thought he was being so ridiculous. I brushed him off and went on my merry way with Karlie. Sooner than later, after that day, Adam texted me and asked me basically to go on a date with him to the gym. We went together one time and after that workout we made plans the next day for the next workout. And it happened like that every single day for about a month. Throughout that period of time, we knew we both had feelings for each other and we had told each other so. After a while he finally asked me to be his girlfriend!! The rest is history!

how they asked

On December 15th, Adam & I had plans to go look at Christmas lights with our friends Nicole & Antonio. After Christmas lights, we had plans to meet Adams family at the Christmas tree lot. His family waited to get a tree this year because his sister (Sarah), brother in law (Joe), and 3 kids (Liam, Ally, & Gracie) were flying into town & wanted to decorate with us! Adams family has a tradition of going to the Christmas tree lot and playing tag in & out of the trees every year… So that’s what I thought was in store! Little did I know!!! … Anyway, we had a great time looking at the lights with our friends and after we were done with that, we hopped in the car to drive to Bambi’s (Christmas tree lot). When we pulled up to Bambi’s, I expected to see his family’s van parked and them waiting for us inside. Their van wasn’t there, so Adam called his dad to see where they were. His dad, Bruce, said they would be a couple minutes late, so we decided to get out and start looking around at the trees. As we were walking around, I noticed how pretty everything looked and wanted to take a selfie with Adam. We stopped, took a picture and continued walking. As we were walking down a row of trees, Adam pointed to the right of me and said, “Look at those lights on the trees over there!” I got super excited (as I do about everything), and quickly went around to look at the lights that were on the 4 trees. I noticed things were clipped all over the trees and assumed that it was one of the trees where you take a description of a child and buy them a present for Christmas. Nope. It wasn’t that. I walked right up to one of the trees and noticed that it was actually a picture of Adam & I. My heart began racing. I began to look around at every thing that was clipped onto the trees and noticed that they were all pictures of us… I said out loud, “Babe!! These are all pictures of us…”. I then turned around to see the biggest, most adorable grin on Adams face. He started walking toward me and the song, “Will you marry me?” by Jason DeRulo started playing from a speaker underneath one of the trees!! He started saying sweet things to me like how much he loves me and how I’m his best friend. I heard only a few words he said to me and then my ears completely blacked out and it felt like I was in a dream world! I turned my head to the right and saw that my parents, siblings, Adams parents, his siblings, my grandparents, and Nicole & Antonio were all snapping pictures and taking videos from within the other trees!! They all started coming out of the trees like the Who’s down in Whoville in the Grinch movie LOL. Right as the song was about to sing the line ‘will you marry me’, Adam got down on one knee, pulled out the box with the lid open to show the sparkly ring, and said, “Will you marry me?” I nodded my head yes and started crying and hugged my FIANCE!!… so tight! He then slipped the ring onto my finger and It fit SO PERFECTLY! I couldn’t believe what had just happened! Everyone was cheering and clapping and whistling! It was all so exciting and a moment I will cherish forever. I just kept looking around me and my heart was so happy to see so many people that I love all in the same place.

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